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DIY: All-Natural Acne Cleanser

Despite what you see on social media, my skin is far from perfect. In fact, I’ve had consistent adult acne for about 3 years now and it’s proven itself to be much deeper than just skin-deep. While I’m working on fixing this issue internally, I am confident to say I’ve found a routine that works – on the surface – to reduce active acne and the inflammation that comes along with it.

Haarverzorging en Proteïne Toegelicht

If you are as into haircare as us, you know there has been lots of talk about protein circulating the internet. In this blog, we will be diving deep into all things protein and hair. We will cover the basics including the pros and cons of protein, as well as the controversial topic of ‘protein overload‘. We’ll also be sharing tips to determine if your hair needs protein, as well as some product recommendations. Rest assured, there is nothing to be afraid of!

Hoe Voorkom Je Pluizig Haar

You’d think by now, we’d all have frizz under control, however, it’s not that simple. With all the hair knowledge out there, frizz always seems to be the one reoccurring hair concern for all hair types. That is because frizz is a complicated hair ‘issue’ as it can be created and encouraged without even knowing. It can also come down to the timing in which you apply heat or styling products. (exhausting right?) It often leads to lots of frustration and frizz fatigue. This is why we’ve compiled different ways to stop the occurrence of frizz and flyaways. It’s about time we stop frizz in its tracks and conquer the bandit(s) for good!

The Innate Life – Over het Merk

We are The Innate Life, creators of all natural beauty products so good you can leave your standard products behind. We believe in the power of natural ingredients and we’ve seen the results they can produce firsthand. It has become our mission to share with others how effective these natural ingredients can be – without all the potentially toxic stuff. Our line of beauty and personal care products will make you a believer.

Maak kennis met de oprichter van The Innate Life: Bhavna

Meet Bhavna, the founder of The Innate Life. Inspired by one of the oldest healing systems, Ayurveda, and determined to solve her own hair problems Bhavna began The Innate Life. Beginning as an all-natural haircare company – a little over a year ago – Bhavna has no plans of slowing down and wants to expand into personal care products.