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It all started with the fact that my book about energetic house cleaning (published 2009 by Schirner Verlag) became a bestseller and more and more customers were interested in the incense mixture “Energetic House Cleaning”, which I used for house cleaning. At first I asked a company to produce the incense mixture, because I myself was not interested in building up a trade for incense, after all I was an author, not a trader. But the offered mixture was not good, the raw materials were neither sustainable, nor somehow high quality or fresh. And so I started to import the raw materials for the incense mix myself, from Indians, in best quality and above all sustainable.

Little by little I started to offer incense, which I used for myself, also to the customers. It took years until I found reliable traders or farmers in the harvesting countries who shared the same ideology and love of nature as I did. Because only when everyone in the chain is respected and loved, from the tree or plant, to the farmer and the end customer, can the incense products develop their true power. If the plant is harmed during harvest or if people are not decently rewarded for this work, if the natural rhythm of harvesting and resting is not respected, part of the energy we need for incense is missing.

Now, many years later, I have made wonderful friends, discovered many places in the world, always looking for pure and high quality raw materials and have connections in almost every country in the world. Although I also import herbs, flowers and woods, the focus of the raw materials is on resins, especially incense. I have always been an incense lover, since childhood, so it is no wonder that I have the most extensive range of incense and also import incense varieties that are rather unknown in this country. From the knowledge about incense, my own research and experience, a book has also been developed: “Incense”, as well as collaborations with universities worldwide. Especially the research in the medical field and also a new listing of the botanical systematics of incense interests me a lot and I help where I can.

About the energetic hous cleaning

People were always fascinated, sometimes dismissive of their beliefs when they met me. I have been doing house cleaning since I was 20 and when I was introduced or recommended as an expert, clients as a house cleaner have given me a certain picture:

Georg Huber, a Bavarian name, with a deep voice, maybe with a beard, definitely older, cozy, maybe with two dogs, who lives somewhere on an alpine pasture and is surrounded by medicinal herbs. The one with the deep voice was right, that was confirmed by a conversation on the phone, I now have a light beard too. But otherwise nothing els matched the ideas that many clients had of me. I often clearly felt the unbelief that such a young bung can have so much experience in the field of energetic cleaning.

I would like to briefly explain to you, dear reader, why energetic house cleaning has become my passion.

Like many children now and a large part of the readers, as a child I was very sensitive to my perception.
When I left home at the age of 15, I started to feel very strongly the emotions and energies of other people. Very often, when I stepped into an energy field of a person and an object, I perceived the energies, took them on me and then “choked” these energies out of me again. You can imagine how uncomfortable this is for a young person who travels to school by train and then absorbs his neighbors’ energies and then suddenly begins to choke.
It was only many years later that I understood that choking was a way to let the energies out of me.

I avoided people, stayed in my apartment for a long time, I was never at a party, in a disco, never stayed anywhere else, it was a curse for me to be so sensitive.

When I was 18 years old I had the first experience in energetic healing, it was always my heart’s desire to work as a “healer”, the healing of the ideas at that time was obviously a desire for recognition, a desire to be something special, but there was always the desire to free others (and myself) from their suffering.

My training

I did a kind of training in energetic healing, I initiated myself into old healing methods, I was very busy with transformation and healing.

My sensitivity became stronger and stronger, sometimes I locked myself up crying because I saw some colors around people that scared me or because if someone walked past me I felt what that person felt.

I had no one to talk to, I was pretty much alone with my problem. And so I dealt with how I could transform my apartment, my home, into an oasis of strength.
At least at home I wanted to feel comfortable.

And so I was pushed to it, life itself was a hard teacher to deal with energy fields and their transformation. I used the time during my studies at the university for experimental games with energy fields, watched them, learned from them.

It was able to switch off my sensitivity, by pleading, asking and crying I managed to lift the curse and to experience a few years later that my sensitivity is something valuable and I in turn begged to regain it … We humans are sometimes just too funny .

I reactivated my mediality, wished for my sensitivity again, assumed that I had this strong perception and everything changed.

Now I am older and my sensitivity is my strongest “gift”, I use it to heal in energy fields, whether on objects or people.

Georg Huber

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