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You have probably noticed (or maybe not… ?) I’ve been away to Oslo for a few days of ISUN Skincare training.
Together with Monique I was invited to come to Oslo to talk about ISUN, their products and treatments.

In my opinion, it’s important to have insight into why a creator of products (like Bunnie Gullick of ISUN Skincare or Nadine Artemis of Living Libations) has chosen for some specific ingredients or for the way they produce their products.  And furthemore; the subject (Organic skincare products) is very interesting, therefore it’s not so astonishing we’ve talked about it for many hours!

Going to Oslo was a challenge because a few days before departure I injured my knee and crutches suddenly became my best friends. 
But with some help of a few great stewards (and of Monique!) we arrived quickly and safely in Oslo.

Because Monique has to learn “how to practise” an ISUN skincare treatment and “how to teach”  esthetician and massage therapists, I offered myself….. 
Not so bad!  Laying down and receiving facial(s) and a full body massage, especially with this kind of high-quality products. It was a great way to relax and connect with the purity of ISUN skincare.

My skin felt so happy and alive afterwards!

Norway - ISUN Skincare
Skincare Treatment - Oslo - ISUN Skincare
City Sightseeing - Oslo

“Alchemy happens when radiantly alive wildcrafted and organic ingredients are carefully combined by hand, and with loving care are transformed into exquisite skin-awakening products” 

It was very special to watch how Monique “shone and glowed” while she talked about ingredients and while she was passionately looking for answers to the why, who, what etc. questions she had.
She approached this very professionaly.
So lovely to watch!

All the brands we have in our store have their own specialities and all of them are chosen because of their vision and unique products.
ISUN uses Aspen bark extract as a natural preservative (when necessary). 
Aspen is a common tree in Colorado, the hometown of Bunnie Gullick, founder of ISUN.
Isn’t that great?

Some of my other notes

Purity Facial Cleansing Oil
Perfect makeup remover,
may be used by oncology patients

Emerald Sun Hydrosol

Perfect product (after cleansing)
to start with ISUN!

Clarity Serum (acne/pimples)
Can be also locally applied

Phyto-infusion serum in a creme

Peptide Eye Cream
Contains probiotics

Revive Eye Gel
Perfect under make-up,
contains caffeine against puffiness

Golden Lip Balm
Contains Buriti oil which does have a natural SPF factor of 8. 

Citrus & Spice Body Oil
Great oil against cellulite, yeah!

Photo-Enzyme Body Serum
A combi of Emerald Sun hydrosol serum
and Phyto-infusion serum

We talked a lot, we laughed a lot, we’ve learned a lot.

We went back home with a lot of ideas and a long “things to do” list…. yeah!! 

Of course, I know not everybody will be interested in ISUN. As I recently said to a friend; so many people – so many wishes – and that’s totally fine! 

To be honest; it would be very boring if everybody would choose the same products, isn’t?

Some of you will always choose Living Libations, Delizioso Skincare or Be in Blossom and that’s fine! 
For me, it’s important to know what the difference is between all brands in order to inform you well. Giving you the right information is essential for you to make the right choice of a product.

?With love and gratitude,
〰️ Wilma

Wilma Dutch Health Store

Wilma Beuving

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Body, Mind, Spirit

Wildcrafted - ISUN Skincare

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Cruelty free
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Hand made - ISUN Skincare

Hand made
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