Product in the Spotlight: Almond Rose Exfoliant

The power of local : Almond rose exfoliant

Community, sustainability, economical growth. The power of sourcing locally has no bounds.
When Laurel Skin was created we wanted its foundations to be committed to sustainability while maintaining effective luxury. We wanted to create products that were made from effective plant medicine that not only helped our customers personal health and wellness but also aided in our Earth’s well being. 
To do this we knew we wanted to work with as many local, organic and biodynamic farmers as possible.
For us, it was also about our herbs, plants and flowers integrity. The closer our ingredients are to us, the more potent and fresh they are overall. Meaning we get to bring you the most potent blends of nourishing skincare possible.
This whole month our minds have been on the Earth. How do we become more sustainable, how do we continue every day to leave a smaller footprint?
We truly want to share with all of you where we source, how we source, and why we choose local.
We are going to start out by breaking down the ingredients in our Almond Rose Exfoliant. Our California beauty in which every single ingredient is sourced in close proximity to our Sausalito studio!


Our Almonds are Biodynamic certified, organic, raw,& unpasteurized. They come from a beautiful farm in Fresno, CA.
Biodynamic farmers are truly the keepers of our Earth. They speak the Earth’s language. They protect it, nurture it, and treasure its resources.
There is absolutely no comparison between the farming process of Biodynamics and USDA organics.
Almonds are very delicate, and they can easily go rancid. Once Almonds are rancid, they no longer have an abundance of Antioxidants, but instead free radicals which are harmful to our skin and bodies.
Because of this, how the almonds are treated after harvest is incredibly important. They must be stored properly, not heated or cooked, and so on. Biodynamic farms are also more responsible during the California drought; they are self-sustainable and have their own renewable energy sources as well as their own water source and reserve.


Our Oats are from Grass Valley, CA; the farm is certified organic of course and is so artisan that it is essentially a one-man operation.
Since so many are concerned about wheat contamination during the processing of oats, it was important to us that we find a small oat farm that did their own processing to ensure to no wheat or gluten contamination.

Rose Petals

Our Rose Petals are from Davis, CA. The farm is owned by a married couple, who have been farming the same land for decades.
They pick each delicate rose themselves by hand, they are in a rainbow of colors. Though they do not have a biodynamic certification, the passion for their land comes through in the vibrancy of these ingredients.
Freshness is again very important with this particular ingredient. With a freshly dried rose petal, you can still feel the oils in it to the touch.


Nettle is one of our favorite ingredients and can be harvested all over the Northern California area.
We get our Nettle from a biodynamic farmer out in Occidental, CA. Their Nettle is a deep forest green on large leafy stems; Nettle in bulk is in tiny pieces and much more pale green.
Nettle shows its oxidation very clearly, and bulk Nettle is lacking many nutrients due to mass bulk farming and oxidation.

Red Clover

Red Clover, Roman Chamomile, and Marshmallow Root all come from a Biodynamic farm in Sebastopol, CA.
The farmer here is truly an angel and is a hovering white light of protection over her land.
The plants we get from this farm are always our favorite; they sing with vibrancy and life. This particular farm even has an education element, where schools and classes often visit her to learn the importance of biodynamic farming.
Her Red Clover flower is a rich purple color, and when sold in bulk is brown and dry.
The Chamomile we get from her is like no other, and the aroma fills our whole studio the day it arrives.
Her farm has been hit hard with the drought this year, and water-loving plants like Chamomile were harder to come by this year, making their tiny white flower all the more precious.
This farms’ Marshmallow is a long twisty-turny root, which we grind down ourselves. Getting this root from our Sebastopol farm is a beautiful thing because she takes great care to keep the plant healthy and thriving, and only rationing off part of the root for us.
When does this way its actually very healthy for the plant, instead of just killing the plant for the root which is what is done in mass-produced farming.

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