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BLACK CORAL – Face Tuning Lotion for Men

I really like this black coral face tuning lotion.
When reading the ingredients list I was really intrigued as I have heard of some of the ingredients listed and was really eager to try. The product is really light but it does hydrate my skin really well. this product smells exactly the same as the face tuning serum which is really fresh and herbal. I like that both products in this range smell the same rather than having to mix loads of different scents together when using different products.

This lotion is a lovely light texture and gives the skin a Matte finish without drying the skin.
I think the black coral lotion and serum is a perfect combination for men especially if they want to look after there skin with quality ingredients but don’t have much time to be using a lot of different products.

These products are also great to throw into your gym bag to refresh skin after an intense workout!
I really like this product because it soaks straight into the skin without leaving a sticky residue.
My partner also really liked this product. He likes the simplicity and also noticed that this in combination with the serum has plumped up his fine lines and softened the appearance of some wrinkles.

BLACK CORAL – Face Tuning Serum for Men

This serum is a delight to use.
I really love the sophisticated packaging from this brand.
The black glass and blue logo looks super modern but also practical. The serum is a nice thick consistency and a lovely golden colour.

The smell is also really pleasant and it very herbal. I loved the scent of this serum as it was very fresh and herbal but wasn’t to masculine and strong which is what I like.

The texture is really light and this serum soaks into the skin right away. The products gives the skin a Matt finish and my skin instantly felt plump and strong. The product has really helped fade a few fine lines that I had around the eye area and helped keep my skin nice and plump. I also feel that this product has helped brighten my skin and even skin tone and reduce blemishes and acne scars.

I also let my partner try this product and he really liked it. He also found that his skin was much softer and plump and brighter. He also liked the fact that it was one product to use along with the black coral moisturizer and found it so simple and easy, which would make these products great for travelling. I tend to have dry skin especially during autumn/winter time and found that this serum really helped lift any dry patches on my skin and also keep my skin nice and hydrated without making it to oily.

∼ Jared


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The ultimate skin care at the highest level
This perfect synergy between high-tech and organic
provides exclusive beauty care with an intensive effect
against skin damage and the effects of time, so that your
skin returns to its origin and regains its youthfulness.

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