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Underlying all we do in the making and outreach of our “Products with a Presence”,
is our belief that a true measure for happiness and success in life is living naturally,
with a depth of caring expressed by treating ourselves, others and our Earth with loving kindness
in the understanding that we are all one. With that awareness, it is natural to graciously give to ourselves,
others and our Earth with gratitude and without condition.


Giving back to the earth is a way of life in the making of our products. We avoid using harsh chemicals in our products that may upset the balance in our soil or in our environment during manufacturing or in our cleaning products. We use recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible.


Our products are made of wildcrafted, organic and natural ingredients. The foundation of all our products are living plants, unrefined plant oils and essential oils. The only preservative we use in our water-based products that require a preservative is aspen bark extract, a common tree found in our mountain environment. No harsh chemicals are used, and no animal testing is conducted on our ingredients or our products.


Our ingredients are sourced globally from locations where the land and surrounding vegetation, animals, micro-organisms and their ecosystems, and the people who harvest our ingredients are protected. We are aware of the connection of all life and understand that sustainable practices support a thriving, healthy, natural and diverse environment that benefits the totality of life.


All of our oil-based products begin with a distinctive herb-infused oil as a key ingredient. Prepared in a cold process, the herbs and oils are carefully chosen for their therapeutic benefits for skin and their health values for the body and mind. Each herb oil is keyed to the purpose and activity of each individual product.

The herbs infused into the base oils are kept at a low, warm temperature (90-95°F) for 14 to 30 days. Each working day, they are lovingly blessed and attended to. Our aqueous herb extracts are prepared with similar care and distinction and are uniquely extracted into pure, organic aloe vera juice. Aloe, which is high in superconducting ormus, activates the extraction process and enhances the finished extract, resulting in greater than usual benefits.

herb-infused oil


ISUN products are packaged in recyclable dark violet glass manufactured and tested in Switzerland.
This unique glass has been shown to better preserve natural products as well as prevent penetration of radiation from airport x-ray machines and other sources. Some products that are used in showers or bath are packaged in high-quality recyclable PET plastic bottles and jars to prevent breakage.


All ISUN products are formulated and developed by founder Bunnie Gulick. They are manufactured by us in our lab located in the pristine environment of the San Juan Mountains in Colorado. Our products are tested in our facility and by a third-party laboratory. We are GMP (good manufacturing practice) and OSHA compliant.


An interview with the founder, visionary creator and formulator of ISUN Skincare, Bunnie Gulick, who at 69 years of age, is a radiant testimony of her teachings and her skin care creations.

meet the founder
Bunnie Gulick | ISUN Skincare Europe

With Love

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