RoseGlow Underarm Charm Crème Deodorant


Saturate senses with the royal nature of Living Libations Rose Glow Underarm Charm Crème Deodorant.
What could be more refreshing, more luxurious, than consecrating underarms with the caress of pure rose petals that make perfume out of perspiration?
Emanate the redolent glow of your pits with this resplendent odorant.
Regal rose otto is the queen of Rose Glow Underarm Charm, and sheshines in this delectably divine deodorant that combines sumptuous sandalwood, lavish lavender, and the gentle juice of roses over geranium, steeped in sweet cacao butter, balancing baking soda, and silkifying arrow root.
Apply a swipe to each armpit to transmit an aroma of serene sovereignty


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100% Organic