Face and Body Exfoliant for all skin types except sensitive.

A quality of young skin is its ability to effortlessly eliminate dead skin cells as they reach the skin’s surface. This helps keep the complexion looking fresh and smooth. As we mature, the process of sloughing off dead skin cells slows down allowing them to accumulate on the skin’s surface. This can result in a dull, dry and more aged appearance. 

By gently exfoliating our skin routinely, our complexion takes on a renewed smooth texture and a glowing appearance of healthy, radiant skin.

Skin-awakening, yet gentle, our skin-refining exfoliant powder captures and helps remove impurities from the skin’s surface giving your complexion a smooth, soft and more refined appearance. This carefully crafted blend of mineral-rich rhassoul clay found in ancient deposits in the Atlas mountains of Morocco and finely ground crystalline siliceous earth from the ocean floor may be custom-blended for your individual skin tolerance with any liquid medium including water, cleanser or face mask.



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