Professional Hair Brush (High-Quality)


Professional hair brush made for hair care and salon professionals. 

The strong wild boar bristles in the
P. Jentschura hairbrush have a very fine and irregular structure.
This enables the brush to grip the hair well and clean it smoothly and gently.

√ Natural bristles
√ The best bristle quality: Chungking Tiger
√ Long, strong and high quality natural bristles
√ Thick, evenly distributed bristles
√ Solid, robust Bubinga wood (solid wood)
√ Gentle and protective
√ Improves blood circulation of the skin
√ Available in the sizes S and XL
√ Suitable for left – and right-handed users
√ Long-lasting when cared for appropriately
√ Ergonomically shaped


Earn up to 80 Points.

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100% Organic

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