Ormus Myst


Face & Body Mist for all skin types.

The structured water of high altitude springs is said to be exceptionally rich in photon (light) super-conducting single atoms of gold, platinum and other precious metals in a rare liquid state. Collectively, these atoms are called ‘ormus’. It is believed that the high-spin, superconductive nature of ormus creates a harmonious flow of communication in the structures of our body and between our body, mind and spirit.

The creation of Ormus Myst begins with a trek by our ISUN team to harvest the pristine water from the source of a lively spring gushing out of a mountainside at 9,600ft. The trek is somewhat arduous as we carry heavy jugs of water through the forest, crossing streams and climbing over rocks and logs, but is always exhilarating and inspiring!

In our lab, the water is re-energised as it’s transferred to mixing vessels holding gemstones believed to impart their healing properties into the water as it’s vortexed in a magnetic field with sacred sound vibrations. Consciousness elevating essential oils are infused into spiralling water as we hold our intention for the mist to impart.


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