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Maitake (Grifola frondrosa) is a type of medicinal mushroom native to northeastern Japan. Also known as “hen of the woods,” this feathered, frilly mushroom is often consumed as a food and the extract is available in dietary supplement form.
Maitake mushrooms are said to offer a wide range of health benefits. A key component in maitake mushrooms is beta-glucan, a type of polysaccharide, a long molecule of carbohydrates found to affect the immune system.

Maitake is often said to boost immune function and, in turn, fight certain infections.
In addition to beta-glucans, maitake also contains other polysaccharides, arabinoxylans (on rice-grown mycelium) and ergothioneine, a strong antioxidant. The Chinese and Japanese people believe that mushroom extracts can be used medicinally for their extraordinary properties.

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