Frankincense, Tigray Essential Oil


Celestial spheres rejoice in the timeless tale of Tigray Frankincense and its ancient aroma that has heralded eras of connection and communion. This essence exudes a hearty camphorous-carmel base-layer with scented spires of amber capped with the subtlest vesper of citrus, and it is our favorite Frankincense for crafting colognes and perspicacious perfumes.

Inhale the essence of eternity captured in a resin. This specific Frankincense, Boswellia papyrifera, has incensed centuries of sacred spheres and poured into perfumes for royalty to summon reverence and blessedness.

Inhaling a whiff of this seventh wonder of our wise world of Frankincense is completely transformative and restorative.

“Neither time nor space exists for the one who knows the eternal.” ~Krishnamurti

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