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Discover the Symphony of Nature’s Aromas 🍃

Step into a world where scents evoke emotions, memories, and desires. Our carefully curated fragrance category boasts a collection of unique aromas that are more than just perfumes; they are stories captured in bottles, waiting to intertwine with your own narrative.


Living Libations - From the purest sources, Living Libations brings forth fragrances that are raw, wild, and as close to their natural state as possible. Each scent is a testament to nature’s vast library of enchanting aromas.

Vanessa Megan - Delve into fragrances that are sophisticated yet understated. Vanessa Megan's commitment to organic purity is evident in every scent, designed to awaken your senses in the most gentle, natural manner.

Leahlani - Tropical and lush, Leahlani's fragrance range transports you straight to the heart of Hawaii. Let the exotic fragrances embrace you with every spritz, evoking memories of sun-kissed beaches and balmy nights.

Josh Rosebrook - A brand synonymous with pure ingredients and ethical sourcing, Josh Rosebrook's fragrances are the perfect blend of elegance and earthiness. They stand as a beacon of what nature has to offer.

Brumée - Minimalistic yet deeply soulful, Brumée brings forth scents that resonate with every mood and moment. Their fragrances are a testament to simplicity and the profound power it holds.

Whether you're seeking a scent that accompanies you during quiet moments or one that sets the stage for grand occasions, our selection from these premium brands promises a fragrance that will echo the sentiments of your heart. Revel in the beauty of nature's bouquet and let your spirit dance to its rhythm.
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