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Living Libations


Inhale the intangible, exclusive aromas of delicately scented flowers.
Absolute oils are the bottled breath of flower petals.
These aromatic molecules are gently captured by a unique method of extraction that dissolves fresh plants into luxurious, flower-syrups with heady, condensed scents.

Our Hi-Fi Absolutes are artfully distilled to be faithful to the flowers.
These scents are our evolutionary friends and our gentle guides to a more mindful life.

Absolute oils are used for perfumery only

– Open a bottle and inhale, and accept the irresistible invitation to play.
– Perfect your perfume by mixing a few of your favorite Absolute aromas.
– Create a potent perfume by mixing 50% Absolutes with 50% jojoba oil.
– Dab your body’s chakras straight from the bottle.
– A drop on the palm swept through your hair will grace your locks all day.


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