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Unroasted Dark Chocolate

We’re devoted to making uncommonly delicious chocolate that captures the brighter, bolder, and fruitier side of cacao. That’s why we make every bar from scratch with unroasted cacao beans, transparently sourced from growers we trust and admire.

All our chocolate is vegan, and free of gluten, soy, and dairy.

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Transparant Trade

Inside every Raaka bar we publish a report detailing our sourcing model. We call this model Transparent Trade. Each report shows the details of how we purchase cacao, who we buy it from, what we paid for it, and how that compares to the commodity market and fair trade prices. As makers our role is twofold: work with cooperatives and grower-centered organizations who focus on cacao quality and pay higher prices to farmers for that quality; and secondly, educate customers in a manner that is honest and forthright. As eaters our role is to ask ourselves challenging questions about consumption and fairness. This is what Transparent Trade is all about..

The difference with Fair Trade and why isn't Raaka Fair Trade Certified?

The simple answer to this question is that, with a few exceptions, the producers we purchase from have chosen not to become Fair Trade certified. We know this “simple” answer begs the question of “why not?” so we’ll explain further.

Certifications are a great way to simplify shopping. They provide a verified seal of approval that gains our trust because someone has already vetted something for us. There’s nothing inherently wrong with certifications; many of them open up new, more valuable markets, and we have some of them. But certifications often fail to realize the needs of micro-economies, especially when it comes to farmgate price.

As a chocolate maker, we strive to be a good partner to cacao producers we work with. This means understanding the individual needs of every community we work with. We find that the Fair Trade purchase price minimum is too low and doesn’t provide enough protection from market fluctuations. This is why we focus on price stability and transparency.

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