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Curly Ellie

Exceptional Curly Hair Products Custom Crafted Specifically for Curly, Wavy, Kinky, Frizzy, Delicate and Sensitive scalp.

A British vegan hair care line that has won numerous awards for sensitive skin and curly hair.

Discover CurlyEllie, a brand that was born out of the quest for ‘no more tears’ during hair care routines. Founded by Zaina O’Halloran, the mission behind CurlyEllie is close to the heart: the idea was sparked by her daughter Ellie’s struggles with her beautiful but hard-to-manage curls. You can read about how Ellie’s hair challenges led to the creation of this award-winning line in our blog: The CurlyEllie lifted roots technique.

More than Just Hair Products

This is not just about taming curls; it’s about embracing them. Whether you’re dealing with frizz, hair breakage, or looking for ways to make your hair spring-ready, CurlyEllie offers tailored solutions with a mindful ingredient list.

Ingredients that Care

Suffering from eczema and allergies as a child, Ellie’s needs guided the selection of ingredients to create products as natural as possible. For instance, Camelina sativa, or ‘fake flax,’ plays a significant role in making the products skin-friendly. CurlyEllie’s commitment to the environment means all ingredients are sourced responsibly. Dive deeper into what makes these products special in our blog: CurlyEllie Intense: Our Ingredients.

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More about CurlyEllie

As Ellie grew up, her hair grew. It was a forest of tumbling tangled curls. Detangling and unknotting her hair took forever, but we diligently did it every night at hair time to save the tears of the next morning.
More tears. This time in the morning, as I attempted to battle the frizz before school.

I set about teaching myself, researching the pure and natural ingredients that could soothe her scalp as well as discipline her frizz, experimenting with haircare routines and learning about texture, condition and how to nourish her tresses and gloss her curls. I needed a routine that was quick in the mornings (I am not an early riser), fuss-free and painless. I investigated combinations of plant products such as quinoa, broccoli seed oil and babassu oil and created a routine that not only calmed her hair, but actually provided her with a calm space to share her thoughts, worries and questions with me without the distraction of the Demanding Younger Sisters.

Now she is proud of her curls and her quiet confidence fills me with pride and hope that she will continue to care for her curls, and treasure her individuality.

CurlyEllie is about being proud to be curly. It is about celebrating your curly hair. It is about understanding that you are beautiful and your wavy, sometimes wild curls are amazing and normal. You are a work of art and as nature intended… beautiful!

Boys as well! *smile*

CurlyEllie FAQs

CurlyEllie products are designed with sensitive, curly, and frizzy hair in mind. The ingredient selection focuses on natural and gentle elements, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin or allergies. You can learn more about the ingredients we use in our CurlyEllie Intense: Our Ingredients blog post.

Yes, CurlyEllie is committed to being ecologically responsible. All our ingredients are sourced in an ecologically conscious way. For more on our commitment to the environment, refer to our Complete CurlyEllie Guide to Soft vs Hard Water blog post.

Definitely! CurlyEllie is an inclusive brand that caters to all genders. Curly hair knows no gender, and our products are equally effective for boys and men. Check out our blog post about men experiencing hair loss due to menopause for more information.

CurlyEllie offers a comprehensive range of products from shampoos to conditioners and styling aids, all designed to work in synergy. For a full guide on how to use our products effectively, visit our blog: How to get voluminous curls the CurlyEllie way.

CurlyEllie products typically have a shelf life of 12-24 months when stored properly. For information on how to properly store these products, you can read our How to Store Your CurlyEllie Products blog post.

Yes, CurlyEllie products are safe for colored hair. To learn more about maintaining color-treated hair with CurlyEllie, visit our blog post: CurlyEllie and Colored Hair.

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