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The chocolates of Zotter are a worldwide known under chocolate lovers.
The carefully chosen ingredients join in a perfect melting point.. This Austrian chocolate maker understands what it takes to make good chocolate! Zotter offers a large variety of products: chocolate bars, filled bars, drinking chocolate, praline bars and coverture in several come at a friendly price. The slightly eccentric packaging is not only pretty but also tells you the interesting story behind the bar, about tropical rainforests and unique cocoa varieties.

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More about Zotter Schokolade

  • 100% BEAN-TO-BAR: Zotter chocolates are produced starting from the bean in our bean-to-bar chocolate factory.sustainability.
  • Our entire business is Fair Trade verified. We are a member of WFTO – the World Fair Trade Organization, which is the umbrella organization for global fair trade. The WFTO monitors business compliance with the 10 principles of fair trade like transparency, respect for the environment, the payment of fair prices and no use of child labour among others.
  • We use our own FAIR logo because we take a step beyond those directives. We want to give our customers the absolute assurance that we pay the world market price many times over, that we can guarantee the highest quality of our raw materials, buy directly from our suppliers and also ensure complete physical traceability. This means our products contain 100% fair traded, high-quality ingredients.
  • All the ingredients for the chocolate come from ORGANIC cultivation. The number of the organic board of control servesas identifying information.
  • The protection of the environment is a very important aspect of our corporate philosophy. Our environmental protection and our environmental measures are ISO 14001 and EMAS certified. EMAS-certified companies are recorded in a Europe-wide register and are regularly checked and monitored on a national level by environmental experts approved by the environment department.
  • We buy our cocoa directly from our cocoa farmers, pay much more than the standard global market price, and support them so they prioritise quality and cultivating fine flavour cocoa varieties like Criollo, Trinitario, Chuncho, Nacional and Nativo. This enables the farmers to be completely independent from the global market and its focus on low-grade consumer cocoa. We travel to the cocoa growing regions often in order to meet the cocoa farmers and in return, we invite them to visit us at our choco factory. Special, top quality products can only be created through great cooperations and personal, friendly relationships.
  • Zotter’s success is living proof that ecologically and socially sound business practices are economically viable. Zotter is one of the most sustainable companies in Austria. The company’s holistic concept, which follows on from the decision only to use organic and fair traded ingredients, is evolving and progressing continuously. We have also gained an EMAS certificate: external environmental experts assessed our production life cycle and our environmental goals and found them exemplary. 
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