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Vild Nord

We have created a world of the finest, pure collagen powder extracted from the skin from wild caught cod, which has lived freely in the crystal clear water of the North Atlantic.
Why you should take collagen? Daily collagen consumption can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines by improving the skin’s suppleness and resilience. One of the best and most promising beauty products available today.

More about Vild Nord

Important beauty Collagen

The resilience and flexibility of the skin depend on collagen, which is present in the body naturally. Sadly, the body's natural production starts to decline in the mid-20s, but a daily dose of marine collagen offers hope! Our collagen has a comprehensive amino acid profile, is free of heavy metals, and has a peptide molecular weight of only 3 kDa, which guarantees superior absorbency.

Nourish your body and soul

When you give your body and soul the nourishment they require, you are lovely. As a result, we want to inspire you on how to look good and feel well every day. It is crucial that we take proper care of and special attention to our immune systems during the winter months. Our immune systems do more than just protect us from disease.

North Atlantic & Wild Caught from sustainable fishing

The skin of the large Arctic cod, which is caught off the coast of Northern North, is used to make our collagen. Away from aquaculture, GMO feed, antibiotics, and hormones, it has lived naturally in the frigid, crystal-clear, and nutrient-rich water. As a result, it ranks as one of the best components ever.

The exquisite fish have been fished by the Norwegians for years while maintaining respect for the stock and the ocean. As a result, Norway currently has the world's largest and most sustainable cod stock. From Seagarden, a Norwegian manufacturer based on Karm in southwest Norway, we obtain our marine collagen. Together, we give something that is typically useless worth. It is a part of our effort to use raw resources more sustainably.

Frequenlty Asked Questions

Our collagen is marine collagen that has been hydrolyzed and is taken from the skin of wild cod caught responsibly. In addition to our pure collagen powder COLLAGEN CLEAN PROTEIN, we have created a variety of collagen blends with ingredients including organic Danish kale, sustainably harvested seaweed, and wild-harvested Nordic berries, which provide a variety of natural flavors, colors, and vitamins.
We have added active ingredients to our exo lab-Series to give your skin an extra boost.

No. The collagen contains 100% hydrolyzed marine collagen extracted from cod skins - no fish oil.

As needed, we advise taking 5–10 g of marine collagen daily.We usually advise COLLAGEN CLEAN PROTEIN, our pure form, if you're simply concerned with meeting your collagen requirements. Collagen does, however, work in combination with other beneficial active substances. Examples include vitamin C from berries, which helps the body produce collagen, wild-harvested seaweed, which maintains normal skin due to its high iodine concentration, and zinc, which helps maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails.

The collagen mixtures each consist of a number of ingredients that are carefully matched with each other, so that the individual product has the intended effect, consistency and portion size. Therefore, the content of collagen is also not 100 percent similar. In our exo-Variants are the content of collagen e.g. Lower than 5 g, but in synergy with the other active ingredients, you get the intended effect, which thus does not depend solely on the collagen.

Since collagen is a protein in itself, there are no problems associated with consuming larger quantities. However, since in our collagen mixtures we add other functional ingredients, vitamins and minerals, you should always follow the recommendations of the individual product.

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