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Simply Argan

Organic, fine and pure Argan Oil

The best argan oil is simply Argan, which is 100% pure, organic, and ethically sourced. To guarantee consistency in quality and purity, every batch of our moroccan imported argan oil is examined and verified in a UK Laboratory.

For our oil, only the best argan nuts from the crop are chosen. We only use this extraction method, which is a closely-kept secret, to extract the oil from the nut. As a result, you get a high-quality oil that smells mildly nutty and pleasant rather than strongly foul like other argan oils do.

More about Simply Argan

Simply Argan Oil is rich in (Vitamin E)

It contains five essential fatty acids, squalene, carotenes (vitamin A), antioxidants, and phenols, making it the best cosmetic argan oil on the market (please refer to the science section to find out about these properties of argan oil).

Additionally, it is vegan and cruelty-free, includes absolutely no artificial coloring, preservatives, or perfumes, and is 100% natural and organic. Every bottle of our "simply argan oil" comes with a quality and purity certificate. To save you the trouble of searching for the best argan oil, we go to considerable efforts. We just sell argan oil; we don't sell anything else.


Think as argan oil as food for your skin. You know it is essential for your body to be nourished with vitamins and minerals and the same is true for your skin. In today’s world your skin may suffer deprivation of its natural oils and nutrition because of environmental stresses from such things as detergents, pollutants and the over-use of makeup. In turn, this deprives your skin of the necessary levels of collagen and hydration and leads to premature ageing.

Argan oil has well-documented anti-aging benefits that result from the natural vitamins, antioxidants, and vital fatty acids that make up this oil. These aid in restoring the lipid layer of the skin and shield it from early aging. The oil's inherent anti-oxidant qualities also eliminate free radicals from the skin, minimizing the stress and harm they may otherwise cause.

The RERS Group is the company behind Simply Argan. A specialized, non-mainstream luxury beauty business.

Established in 2010 to bring the amazing cosmetic advantages of argan oil to the UK. Since then, we have produced a vast array of argan oil-based skin and hair products and have evolved to be a reputable, well-known, and award-winning beauty company. However, you won't find our items on the shelves of high street merchants since we would have to lower the quality of our products in order to meet their margin requirements, which we will not do. 

Different components in Argan oil make argan oil so beneficial for skin, hair and nails.
  • tocopherols
    Vitamin E, or tocopherols, is an antioxidant that occurs naturally and is crucial for healthy skin.
    Check several labels; most cosmetic goods have vitamin E added as an ingredient. However, argan oil naturally contains plenty of vitamin E and doesn't require artificial addition.
    Additionally, the amount of tocopherols present in argan oil is far larger than that of many other oils, and the kind of tocopherols present (argan oil contains high quantities of gamma tocopherols) is significantly more advantageous than that of many other oils.
  • phenols
    Argan oil naturally contains phenols, which are used in a variety of bath, hair, and skin care products.
    By halting the growth of microorganisms, phenols' antibacterial characteristics assist in skin cleansing and odor elimination.
    Additionally, they assist in improving a number of skin diseases, removing dead skin cells from the skin's surface, and reducing the causes and signs of skin aging.
  • carotenes
    Carotenes are powerful antioxidants that help protect against cellular damage and repair sun damaged skin. They are also regarded as a key anti-ageing ingredient in many cosmetic products and work to even skin tone. In hair products they are added to help with fragility and to prevent split ends. In many cosmetic products they are synthesised from vitamin A and then added, being called such buzzwords as Pro-Vitamin A.
  • squalene
    Squalene is easily absorbed by the skin and is an anti-oxidant. It helps prevent UV damage and the formation of age spots, it promotes cell growth and it is also an antibacterial agent. Again, as with many of the natural constituents of simply argan oil, this is artificially added to many cosmetic products and, sadly, it is obtained, in many cases, from sharks’ livers.
  • essential fatty acids
    Essential fatty acids are important for healthy skin and deficiencies of these can have a detrimental effect. simply argan oil is packed full of these with high contents of oleic, linoleic, palmitic and stearic fatty acids. For example, a deficiency in linoleic acid causes the skin to develop barrier disorders and the skin dries out and becomes scaly, nails tend to crack and hair loss may occur. Linoleic acid also promotes the healing process of dermatoses and sun burn by increasing the speed of recovery of the skin.
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