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Shaman Shack Herbs

Responsibly sourced tonic herbs and herbal formulas

We take great pride in providing the world’s best, most effective super tonic herbs and superfoods, which serve as a reminder of the wide availability of plant-based medicines. We are experts in herbal preparations from the pre-Taoist era that have a superior impact on the mind, body, and spirit.
Our knowledge of tonic herbs, gained through experience, is then shared with our customers.

All of our ingredients are consciously sourced, organic, fair trade, or wildcrafted.
We don’t use preservatives or fillers in our products.
Every one of our products is gluten-free and is packaged by us in the United States.
Our powdered extracts are ideal for use in both therapeutic and culinary settings.

Your senses will alert you to the superior quality of our herbs.

Help your body’s own ability to run more efficiently with our tonic herbs, reach your endurance goals, de-stress, strengthen your immunity, stabilize, and enhance your natural beauty from within.

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More about Shaman Shack Herbs

In 2011, Brynn Booth incorporated Shaman Shack Herbs.The company's CEO, Brynn has over 14 years of experience in alternative medicine and pre-toaist herbology training.

In Washington State, close to the picturesque Lake Washington, is where Shaman Shack Herbs is located. We operate a green company and follow ethical environmental principles. Since 2011, Shaman Shack Herbs has offered a wide range of tonic herbal blends and powdered extracts of individual herbs.
protein powders for aging, as well as miso, a superfood.

Shaman Shack Herbs is still expanding today and serving communities all over the world. while continuing to emphasize excellent products, excellent educational content, and excellent customer service. Toaist herbalism and other eastern medical practices are only now beginning to gain traction in the West. And a great many people could profit from its knowledge.

Taoist Herbology

Chinese historians believe the art and science of herbology officially began in 2975 B.C., when Shen Nong compiled "The Divine Farmer's Almanac" or Shen Nong Bencao, which describes the therapeutic effects of 365 herbs. Observations of early forest-dwelling herbalist hermits living among China's 5 sacred mountains led to a philosophy on health maintenance within the natural milieu. These insights eventually formed the basic tenets of Taoism, which Lao Tzu drew from when he wrote the Tao Te Ching (the way of life) in the year 500 B.C.

Since those early days, Taoist health philosophy evolved to incorporate the most sophisticated system of herbology ever devised in Human history. During this time, the precepts of the "Three Treasures" evolved. These represent the three primary components of life; Jing - the body's physical mass, and its capacity to reproduce; Chi - the flame of metabolism and evolution; and Shen - the spirit and the lessons learned. Understanding this Taoist health philosophy can offer deep insights into health and energy.

We are in the "Gate of Life" lineage, which utilizes Tonic herbs to maintain health, when combined with a pure and responsible diet. Shaman Shack features Tonic herbs and herbal formulas designed to enhance one or more of the 3 Treasures, and to help the body and spirit maintain balance between the forces of Yin and Yang. Our formulas draw on the wisdom of ancient tried-and-true herbal alchemy, and the tonic herbs, when used responsibly, are generally said by the Chinese to be side-effect free.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Add recommended dosage to any plain cup of hot water.
  • Mix into a raw or cooked chocolate recipe.
  • Add coconut creme to the hot tea.
  • Add almond, rice, hemp or any milk, along with honey/agave, etc. as you would creamer and sweetener in coffee.
  • Add into hot chocolate.
  • Add into smoothies.
  • Mix one tablespoon of sea clear into your guacamole recipe instead of using salt. This will amplify the taste of any delicious guac!
  • Create or purchase any raw breads or baked bread and use the sea clear as a spread. Then add sliced cucumber and avocado, sooo delicious.
  • Create or add to your own salad dressings. Anything citrus, garlic, tomato, balsamic. Sea Clear blends in smooth and delivers a well rounded taste experience.
  • Add one tablespoon to any Raw green soup. This combination is a winner! With the crisp bitterness of the greens complimented by the turmeric and black pepper of the Sea Clear, your soups will now have a new delightful twist. Try pairing with water cress soups.
  • Take 1 rounded teaspoon diluted in room temp water before bed. It will possibly aid sleep.
  • Add 1-2 heaping tablespoons to any nut milk of choice.
  • Sprinkle on top of oatmeal or porridge.
  • Mix into baked goods.
  • Sprinkle on top of cereal.
  • Mix into your Raw energy ball bites!

Take a tablespoon of Schizandra Berries and soak them  overnight in a 160z Glass of water - no cooking needed. Next morning strain and put some of the water in a spray bottle, use to mist face. Put the rest in the fridge to sweeten and drink right from the glass.

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