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Na’vi Organics

Wild, Raw & Organic

Na’vi Organics is a refreshing, health-generating and sustainable brand dedicated to offering the highest quality superfoods. Sourced from the most pristine areas of the planet, our entire range is either organic or wildcrafted.

Are you ready to rise above the dis-ease and discover your inherent health?

Simple, easy additions to your diet can make an extraordinary difference

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More about NA'VI Organics

A revitalizing, healthy, and environmentally friendly company, Na'vi Organics is committed to providing the best superfoods. Our whole selection is either organic or wildcrafted, sourced from the most pristine regions of the earth.

We have developed into a specialized online retailer offering a hand-picked assortment of the most cutting-edge, inspirational, and therapeutic products from all around the world. We sell organic superfoods, dietary supplements, safe medications, and wellness items. Everyone in the room tried them and liked them.
Only outstanding products that nourish and nurture the mind, body, and spirit are offered by us.

Our superfood powders are all raw and have an outstandingly high nutritional value. We work directly with producers to ensure ethical working practices and the honouring of the indigenous peoples and organic farmers growing the raw materials.

We see our personal journeys back to health as an important part of our planets healing and an integral way in which we care for one another. Na’vi Organics has been established to help support this process and we are delighted to offer the gems we have personally discovered. Everything you will find here can be easily incorporated into your daily diet and life – for cleansing, detoxing and providing your body with nutrient packed and delicious foods for increased energy, spiritual growth, healing, and a beautiful glow.

We’re constantly refining how we work to offer a service which benefits everyone we are involved with and which respects our amazing, and somewhat struggling, planet. We pack our products in bio-degradable pouches or glass jars, and our offices are off-grid, powered by renewable energy and fully self-sufficient!

We trust the products we offer will inspire you and your family to live radiantly.

It all begins with healthy soil

The dark, rich soil of the organic farms and wilderness areas we source from is where our extracts and components get their high quality. They assert that raising a child involves the entire town. Good food need a complete ecology to grow. We appreciate that we can identify the kind hands that sowed the seeds and harvested the crop.

We hope that by gently cultivating the ground in regenerative ways, a place's soil (or soul) can become richer. We also hope that by coming together to share a love of scrumptious, nutritious food, we can both revitalize ourselves and the land that feeds us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years in our search for the most vital and life giving foods and herbs (a passion which grew into Na’vi Organics), we have tried many different foods, herbs and extracts from all over the world.

We are proud that 99% of our products are sourced directly from either the growers or producers, rather than through 3rd party suppliers. This ensures our stock is always the freshest it can be, and we also know we are paying the producers directly ensuring they are getting what they wish for their produce. Building long-standing relationships with our suppliers is also very important to us - we are delighted at the friendships we have built with some of our producers and the joyfulness of doing business in this way.

We have sought producers who are passionate about their products and many of the products we stock are unique to us in the UK.

Our superfood powders are not freeze-dried, which is the usual method for preserving superfoods because it is known to significantly degrade protein.

Our raw moringa leaf micro-powder, which is regarded throughout Africa as one of nature's greatest gifts, is a remarkable whole-food supplement. Our chaga is expertly hand-ground by a professional wild mushroom hunter, and our Grass Juice Powders are exclusive to the UK and are so alive that when reconstituted in water, they taste just like fresh grass juice! In addition, our BioActive Blue Green Algae is new to Na'vi and the UK. The chlorophyll in our algae is the most physiologically active of any known food on the world.

Our hand-picked selection of tonic herbs are the elite herbs of Chinese Herbalism. Sourced from wild and organic regions in Europe, Mongolia, Russia, China, India and Thailand, these are health promoting extracts, resins, seeds and loose herbs to help nourish our bodies and nurture our vitality. Sourcing the highest quality examples of these valuable products is one of the most important aspects of Na’vi. Having pure, exquisitely high vibrational tonic herbs in our system helps our bodies adapt, grow and attain a bliss-filled state of well-being and radiance.

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