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Naïf Care

(Skin)care products that respect and protect the purity of humans and the planet.

Jochem and Sjoerd learned that even baby skincare products contain dangerous substances when they became first-time parents in 2013. Naïf was created as a result, providing natural components that babies’ skin actually needs for skincare. They are not only healthy for the skin but also for the environment. Neither more nor less. Adults soon began utilizing Naïf’s goods as well. There is currently a selection for both young and old. Because you, too, deserve effective skincare that is quick and simple to apply.

More about Naïf Skincare


At Naïf, we like to think of new ways to approach problems and search for natural solutions that produce results that are at least as good as those of non-natural alternatives. Ingredients including linseed oil, cottonseed oil, avocado oil, and tomato extract can be found in our goods.But also coconut oil and zinc oxide. We avoid using mineral oils, artificial preservation, and harsh chemicals. Both the world and your skin do not require them.

Taking good care without worry

The guiding principle of Naïf is to do good. What does this imply? We provide skincare items that honor and safeguard the pristine nature of people and the environment. The world should be better off when we leave it than when we found it.
Not just for ourselves, but also for the coming generation, so they can pick and take good care of themselves. This concerns not only the components but also the packaging, shipping procedures, and our office procedures at Naïf HQ.


No, not 100%. Well, nearly. We have made decisions that have improved and made our products safer during the development process. For instance, we use a perfume that has the lowest likelihood of skin responses because it is free of the 26 most frequent allergens. Synthetic, yet the finest choice for the environment and your skin.

Are Naïf products free of chemicals and perfume?

Cottonseed oil and macadamia oil, two natural and organic oils, are used to make our products. They don't include chemical foaming and preservatives like parabens, PEG, phenoxyethanol, or SLES. We use an allergen-free scent at Naif. Synthetic, yet the finest choice for the environment and your skin. Why?
The likelihood of an allergic reaction to a natural perfume is really great, therefore that's why we went with this. Essential oils are commonly used in natural fragrances.
The fact that it is natural is a benefit. The drawback is that they might irritate skin because they are allergens.

Naïf's skin care contains no ingredients derived from animals.Our products are 100% cruelty-free. Since 2009, testing cosmetics on animals is no longer legally permitted within the European Union.

Although not totally PH-neutral, our products are quite close to the skin's natural PH, which ranges from 4.5 to 5.5. It is normally advisable to utilize oil-based cosmetics if you want to impact the skin's PH as little as possible. Our gentle milky bath oil would be the finest option in this situation.

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