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Mette Picaut

Discover the essence of Swedish Beauty

Mette Picaut Swedish Skincare is a premium skincare range meticulously designed to deliver a potent Anti-Ageing effect. The brand has achieved the perfect harmony by combining cutting-edge research with the purest organic ingredients nature has to offer. Designed to be free from mineral oils, parabens, sulphates, and unnecessary artificial elements, every product in the Mette Picaut line is proudly made in Sweden.


Mette Picaut believes in the principle of “Less is More,” echoing the notion that nature provides almost everything our skin needs. The ingredients are selected from clean crops, harvested by responsible farmers who prioritize environmental sustainability. Choosing soft cocoa butter over synthetic elements is an obvious decision for the brand. Products like M Picaut’s Skin Perfect Moisturiser blend the cleanest natural ingredients with active peptides to provide measurable results. This harmonious blend is a representation of Mette Picaut’s core principles—efficacy, spirituality, and a profound connection with nature.

More about Mette Picaut

Mette Picaut, the founder of the brand, enjoyed a successful career as an international model for over 20 years. During her modeling years, Mette was exposed to countless beauty products and treatments, which piqued her interest in skincare. In 2008, she decided to follow her passion and launch her own skincare line. Mette's mission was to create a range of skincare products that were not only effective but also gentle on the skin and environmentally friendly.

Eco-luxury Skincare

The Mette Picaut brand is often described as "eco-luxury" due to its commitment to sustainability and luxury. All products are made with natural and organic ingredients, sourced mainly from Scandinavia. The brand is also cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and uses eco-friendly packaging to minimize its environmental impact. View their bestsellers here.

What sets Mette Picaut apart?

Mette Picaut is not just another skincare brand; it's a brand with a purpose. Here are a few reasons why Mette Picaut stands out from the crowd:

  1. Swedish Heritage: Inspired by the pristine nature of Scandinavia, Mette Picaut products are formulated with carefully selected ingredients that harness the power of Nordic plants and botanicals.

  2. Sustainability: From ingredients to packaging, Mette Picaut is committed to minimizing its environmental impact and promoting eco-friendly practices.

  3. Founder's Expertise: Mette's experience in the beauty industry and her dedication to creating effective skincare products are evident in the high-quality formulations she creates.

  4. Luxurious Experience: Mette Picaut products are not only effective, but they also provide a sensory experience that makes your skincare routine feel like a pampering ritual.


If you want to use a clean, ecological skincare product, you should not need to compromise. You should know you are getting the very best of two worlds-something both effective and ecological.

Lipo is this context means that they are soluble in oil, which means we’ve been able to create a new, unique product-our facial oil. It provides lots of natural nourishment to your skin whilst it works on the signs of aging. Of all the active ingredients available to chose from in this day and age, peptides from “Matrixyl 3000 lipo™” were handpicked because they give such a beautiful result, are documented as being effective and are kind to the skin-in order for you to notice a difference.

Peptides are chains of naturally occuring amino peptides, which among other things stimulate the production of collagen. The lack of collagen is one of the main reasons skin ages, due mainly to a lower level of protein in the skin. Peptides suits all types of skin, as they exist naturally in your body and therefore do not cause irritation or hypersensitivity to the sun, as retinol (Vitamin A) or AHA has been known to do. We use oligo-peptides and tetrapeptide-3 (Matrixyl 300 lipo™) in a maximal dose (3 %) for their good, performance-based effects. A french study shows that the combination of oligo-peptides and tetrapeptide-3 have a good effect on your skin and diminishes the depth of wrinkles by 45% after only 2 months of use. In the study, which is a randomised, double-blind study, the participants had to make an estimate of the treatment themselves. The study included a full clinical assessment, a photographic assessment and a laser profilometry, which showed the depth of the skin. It has been recommended to start using peptides as a preventative measure at the age of 30, or when you begin to see the first signs of aging such as wrinkles.

Peptides stimulate and effectively increase the skins own production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which means the skin repairs itself.
Peptides give you a firmer skin and diminish the depth of wrinkles.
Peptides are suitable even to sensitive skin.

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