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Embark on a sensory journey with L’Odaïtès | Paris, a brand that epitomizes the essence of natural skincare. Born from the passion of three sisters and rooted in the rich tradition of apothecary, L’Odaïtès offers a unique blend of botanical brilliance and scientific innovation. Each product, from our rejuvenating well-aging creams to our radiant serums, is a testament to our commitment to purity and efficacy. With ingredients ranging from 6% to 100% natural, L’Odaïtès is not just skincare; it’s a celebration of nature’s gifts and a tribute to your skin’s natural beauty. Experience the transformative power of plant-based actives and indulge in the luxurious, sensory-rich world of L’Odaïtès | Paris.

More about L'Odaïtès

L'ODAÏTÈS stands as a distinguished creator of botanical and sensory cosmetics, proudly crafted in France. Embracing clean and innovative formulations, this brand is a true artisan of unique beauty. It celebrates the essence of its creations by utilizing "genuine" raw materials, rich in their natural biological properties. L'ODAÏTÈS brings you the finest of these ingredients, infused with added delight for an exceptional skincare experience.

L'Odaïtès | Paris: The Essence of Nature in Every Drop

At L'Odaïtès, they believe in the harmony of nature and science. Launched in 2014 and based in the heart of Paris, their mission is to unveil the natural beauty of your skin through our time-honored skincare rituals and innovative formulations. The founders, Sofia, Alya, and Nabila, bring together a unique blend of expertise in chemistry, pharmacy, and entrepreneurship to craft skincare solutions that are not only effective but also a delight to the senses.

Their signature ingredient, néroli, is the soul of the brand. Extracted from the flowers of the sour orange tree, its enchanting fragrance and potent benefits have been cherished since our childhood. This 'liquid gold' is emblematic of our commitment to luxurious, high-quality ingredients.

In L'Odaïtès quest for excellence, they meticulously select each ingredient for its purity and potency. Their products are designed to be minimal yet powerful, ensuring that every element serves a purpose in enhancing your skin's natural beauty. From intense anti-aging treatments to serums that brighten and redensify, L'Odaïtès offers a range of products that cater to every skin need, ensuring that your beauty ritual is as enjoyable as it is effective.

Embrace the art of well-aging with L'Odaïtès | Paris and let your skin experience the ultimate in botanical luxury.


L'Odaïtès | Paris is a luxury skincare brand that combines the power of natural plant-based ingredients with scientific innovation to offer effective, sensory-rich skincare products. Founded in Paris in 2014, the brand is known for its commitment to clean, natural ingredients and its unique apothecary approach.

L'Odaïtès products stand out for their high concentration of natural ingredients, ranging from 6% to 100%. The brand's signature ingredient, néroli oil, is a key component, known for its delightful fragrance and potent skin benefits. Each product is crafted with care, ensuring both efficacy and a luxurious sensory experience.

Yes, L'Odaïtès products are designed to be suitable for all skin types. They focus on gentle yet effective formulations that cater to various skin needs, from anti-aging to brightening and hydrating.

L'Odaïtès products are proudly made in France, adhering to high standards of quality and craftsmanship.

L'Odaïtès is committed to sourcing the highest quality natural ingredients. The brand carefully selects each component based on purity, potency, and sustainability, ensuring that every product delivers the best possible results for your skin.

Absolutely. L'Odaïtès offers a range of products specifically designed for anti-aging, including redensifying serums and well-aging creams. These products are formulated to target signs of aging and promote a youthful, radiant complexion.

L'Odaïtès is dedicated to environmental responsibility. The brand focuses on sustainable practices, from sourcing ingredients to packaging, ensuring that their products are as kind to the earth as they are to your skin.

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