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Laurel Skin

100% whole plant organic skincare,
from the pioneer of slow farmed beauty.

Laurel Skin relies on the power of plants and botanicals such as camu camu, acerola berry, gotu kola, calendula and frankincense to stimulate collagen production and encourage healthy cell reproduction. All those ingredients makes the products excellent for repairing damaged skin while gently restoring firmness.

“We are awakening to the truth about where our food comes from, and by extension, where our skincare comes from. Like the food we eat, the most beneficial skincare is made with raw, organic, farm sourced, handcrafted ingredients”.
– Laurel Skin

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Laurel Skin is committed to your health, well-being and, as a result, your beauty. Our commitment begins with the quality of the soil that nourishes and optimizes the ingredients we select. This is the foundation of Slow Beauty. We then follow each ingredient from seed to harvest. Through the season it takes to grow our plants, to the months our handmade blends sit steeping, to the hours we spend bottling each batch, we practice Slow Beauty with patience and intention. Our greatest reward is knowing you feel this when you use our products.

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