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Living Plant Hydration - ISUN Skincare


Face & Body Mists

Living Plant Hydration

Alive & Ageless Skincare, elegance, performance and results, active ingredients and
essential oil aromablends are captured in wild-crafted & organic products.

How to use

Our organic face mists act as a toner after cleansing, priming your face for the next step in your daily
skincare routine. After cleansing, mist your face with a ISUN face mist for your skin type, allow to absorb
and follow with your serum, eye cream and moisturiser. Use morning and evening as part of your skin
care ritual.

Beauty tips

Clarify - For best results for oily or problem skin, cleanse first with ISUN Lavender-Sage Facial Cleanser
before misting skin. Follow with an application of Clarity Facial Serum. If more moisture is needed,
apply a light application of ISUN Sunstone Facial Oil Moisturiser.

Rose-Cucumber - Use as an eye pad solution to soothe tired eyes and reduce puffiness.

Ormus Myst - Mist a room to elevate the energy of the space. Mist your pillow or sheets or towel. For a
more restful sleep, mist the soles of your feet and gently massage them for a minute or two, then mist
above your head and breathe in several deep breaths slowly as the mist falls around you. Give the mist
to anyone you know who is depressed or sad.

The collection

ISUN has created four unique natural face mists for all skin types. Incorporate them in into your daily
skincare ritual and mist your face throughout the day to hydrate and revive lacklustre skin.
Our signature Ormus Myst is perfect for all skin types. Infused with quartz crystals, cell energising Ormus
minerals from pristine mountain springs and beautiful botanical oils of Jasmine, Frankincense and
Rose, Ormus Myst helps refocus our minds and recharge flagging spirits.


Wildcrafted - ISUN Skincare

Pure Ingredients

Cruelty free - ISUN Skincare

Cruelty free
Do no harm principles

Hand made - ISUN Skincare

Hand made
Small batches

Co-Creation - We are all One - ISUN Skincare

We are all One

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