Natural Body Care and Skin care products made with Sun Power, Organic Ingredients & whole lotta love.
No plastics, no nasties.

Happinesz wants to create a world where business can be done more responsibly and sustainably.

They aim to provide distinctive and effective products. The core principles behind this company are honesty and integrity. Happinesz believes environmental responsibility is the key to our future and that of generations to come.

Their top priority is to make high-quality products with natural ingredients. Their Natural Body Care and Skin Care products are made with sun power, organic ingredients and whole lotta love. No plastics, no nasties. This is because Happinesz always provides their customers with the best quality.

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More about Happinesz

Happinesz is a family-owned business and is extremely committed to natural, organic, plastic-free and animal-test free products. 

Happinesz is passionate about making highly effective natural body care products with the principles of honesty and integrity at their core. By consciously sourcing, Happinesz supports organic and sustainable agricultural practices. As a company, Happinesz takes responsibility for the environment and strongly supports the belief that by the way they run their business, they can contribute to a cleaner and healthier world.

The Happinesz vegan deodorants have:

  • a unique divine scent
  • 100% organic and natural
  • suitable for vegans
  • 100% organic essential oils
  • recyclable and reusable packaging

Frequently Asked Questions

High quality products.

✔️ We plant a tree for every order you make.
✔️ Our products they without plastic.
✔️ We use organic & natural ingredients.
✔️ We do not add unnecessary water and fillers.
✔️ We do not use harmful toxins or chemicals.
✔️ Never tested on animals.
✔️ Planet safe and coral reef safe.
✔️ Environmentally friendly & sustainable.
✔️ Handmade in the Netherlands.
✔️ Always made without these toxins: sulfates - Parabens - Phthalates - Sulfates - Triclosan - Petroleum - Gluten

Using recycled plastics or bioplastics does not guarantee that they will not end up in the ocean, and that is what we try to avoid. We use aluminum cans and bottles as well as glass bottles. Sometimes it is not completely avoidable to use plastic like with caps and sprays because it is necessary to properly seal liquids in bottles or to spray. After all, you don't want a leaking bottle in your purse or backpack.
Nor do you find our skin care products in unnecessary outer boxes that you first have to use up and then immediately throw away.

Sustainability and the rainforest

We use Kukui oil and Illipe butter in most Happinesz products from wild harvested nuts from the rainforests of Borneo. In this way, we help reduce the deforestation of the rainforests by buying organic carrier oils and organic butters from local people so that they can live a sustainable life and protect the rainforests.

Sustainability and the oceans

We help fight the plastic soup in the oceans by avoiding plastic whenever possible and using recyclable and reusable packaging for our products and shipping. By purchasing Happinesz Mineral Zinc Sunscreens, you are supporting Love The Oceans and helping to restore coral reefs.

Sustainability and shipping

Happinesz reuses shipping materials such as filling materials and cardboard shipping boxes as much as possible. For wholesale we use recycled boxes. When we ship to consumers we use mail with Track & Trace so that just the mail delivers it and no special courier has to drive for it. That saves a lot of CO2 emissions.

YES, the products of Happinesz are 100% palm oil free.

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