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In our straightforwarded ”it is what it is” society, skincare has somehow become more complicated. As soon as we started discussing about types, ages and ethnicities, skin coloration resulted. Faace is here to change the whole dialogue. Let’s switch up the conversation and provide a solution to skin that’s been wronged by life.

There are mulitple factors uncluding exhaustion, the time of the month, anxiety, excessive exercise, over-analysing, under sleeping… name it cause we’re all doing those kind of self-sabotage to our skin. Life gets in the way of good habits and that’s fine. We get it. We also hear you when you describe your skin.But here’s the thing: Don’t say we’re not speaking the same language. What’s even worse is that when you’re tired or looking burnout, who has the energy to study the ingredient lists or has the budget and time to visit dermatologists?

So we are here to help you. With us you don’t have to think about a thing because our products do it for you. Our way of say what you see products are uncomplicated, versatile and result-driven. We are a brand with an inclusive and affordable solution to every skin situation.

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How it all started

I was a good 'menstruation face' candidate since I could predict my period simply by examining my skin and watching for the disruption to occur. Since I've spent 15 years in the beauty sector, I've had the good fortune of being able to look for solutions. Nevertheless, after having my kid in 2017, I discovered that I didn't have time for an eight-, five-, or even three-step program. Any good habits I did have were abandoned, and when I realized that some evenings I was too exhausted to clean my teeth, I knew something had to change.

I was in need of a product that I could put on and leave to do it's work itself. I wanted it to smell good, to give me a moment of relief amongst the madness of being a full-time working mother and I wanted it to bed super low maintenance to boot. Plus affordable. This is how I came up with Faace. Fuss-free, and it does what it says on the bottle kind of beauty. So rather than focusing on the end result, I wanted an upfront solution that focused on exactly how MY skin was looking and that would sort it out.

It wasn't my solo project though. We are working with a huge pool of professionals to ensure I'm formulating Faace the best it could be. From bloggers to journalists and make-up artists, from aromatherapists, scientists and designers - people i've worked with for over a decade. With mutual respect and a joint desire to make Faace a brand worth buying. So I hope you love it as much as I do.


YES! all the products are vegan en not tested on animals. Never!!
Wherever possible, we combine organic and certified organic components. When an ingredient is wild-harvested, for instance, it may not always be considered organic (because they grow wild). All of the ingredients in our products are 100% organically sourced, as opposed to being artificially produced in a lab.

Yes, our products are suitable for all skin types.

Since the compositions are entirely natural, they are ideal for sensitive skin conditions including eczema and dermatitis. They'll be ideal for treating acne, particularly the salicylic acid masks (which is all three). The masks would also be suitable for Malasezzia, especially the masks with antimicrobial oils such as tea tree (Tired faace and Period faace) and lavender (Period faace and Sweaty faace).

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