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Dr. Botanicals

Vegan & Natural skincare for everyone

The multi-award-winning European skincare brand is called Dr Botanicals.

Richard, our CEO, established Dr. Botanicals in 2011. Fourth-generation farmers made up his mother’s family. They understood the importance of treating the land with care. His father worked in local healthcare all of his life as a community pharmacist.

Our pursuit of the highest-quality natural ingredients is reflected in our skincare line. to provide your skin with unique treatments, solutions, and advantages.
In a natural way, all. Put it to the test! Be one of the hundreds of women who use skincare that works with their body.

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More about Dr. Botanicals

The independent beauty company Dr Botanicals is based in London, England.
We are natural beauty addicts that adore all things related to plants, fruits, and veggies. Manufactured ethically, never subjected to animal testing, and always wholly vegan-friendly. Our compositions rely on the goodness, vitality, and vitamins of nature.


We pledge to use solely eco-friendly packaging by 2023 and to be carbon-free by 2025. It only makes sense that our natural and vegan products are produced using only natural methods and come packaged in natural materials. We only buy goods from companies whose partners we can rely on, and we adore the Environmental Working Group team for supporting firms that are chemical- and toxin-free.

Dr. Botanicals has been the leader in clean beauty, vegan skincare, and wellness for more than ten years.
When it comes to creating skincare products that are gentler to the skin, our products have been at the forefront of the green movement. We provide wonderful, top-notch natural and vegan skincare in tiny batches. Making skincare that enhances your appearance and sense of well-being is in our DNA.
We are pioneers and were among the first companies in the UK to genuinely integrate a holistic approach to skincare throughout our entire operation.

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