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Food Supplements

More control over your health with the knowledge of today.

If you’re seeking more control over your health and well-being, Bonusan has you covered. Established in 1966, our family-owned enterprise has dedicated itself to producing professional-grade food supplements and plant extracts. Today, Bonusan operates across seven countries, all while maintaining our core research, development, and manufacturing within the Netherlands.

Comprehensive Product Range for a Healthy Life

Whether you’re new to nutritional supplements or a seasoned veteran, Bonusan’s expansive range of over 350 products, from phytotherapy to orthomolecular solutions, is tailored to meet diverse health needs. Each product is meticulously developed in conjunction with healthcare professionals.

Leveraging Scientific Insights

What sets Bonusan apart? Our products are grounded in scientific research, inspired by nature, and designed for the intricacies of the human body. For example, learn how different forms of Vitamin C can influence your health or understand the importance of the microbiome and probiotics.

Nourishment Inside and Out

Physical well-being isn’t just about what you consume; it’s also about how you treat your body. Our articles on liver health and the benefits of lactoferrin offer valuable insights into holistic care.

The efficacy of our supplements is scientifically based and inspired by nature and the workings of our body.

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More about Bonusan

Many people remain unaware that so much can be achieved through food, exercise and supplementation. And that is a missed opportunity, both for the individual and for society. That is why we ensure that our expert knowledge is widely accessible. We actively look for increased knowledge and we substantiate everything that we say, do and produce with scientific research.

We see a future with a better quality of life for everyone: Living Quality. Through our foundation, the Natura Foundation, we organise courses and training programmes in food, exercise, nutritional therapy and clinical psycho-neuro-immunology. Everything that we strive for has just one single goal: to give you better control of health.

Our vision on Health

The environment we live in and the choices we make for ourselves in it affect the way our body works. When these circumstances change, our body adapts. If it fails to do so, complaints arise and you may become ill. The best thing you can do for your health is to look for the real cause and deal with it. That way, you can find a real solution; one that will hopefully last.

Frequently Asked Questions

The recommended daily allowance (RDA) value is set to ensure that large groups of people do not develop serious deficiency diseases. It is therefore a minimum value. Indication of the RDA on labels is required by Dutch law. However, sometimes higher dosages are needed for the intended effect.

The nutrient requirements of children can differ greatly from those of adults, especially during periods of strong growth. It is therefore important to address individual needs as much as possible on a product-by-product basis. If this is unknown and if no specific child dosage is given for a product, as a general guideline, the standard recommended dosage for that product can be converted to the weight of the child (based on an adult weighing 70 kg). Thus, a 23-kg child would need one-third of the adult dosage. The products that are better not used by children will have this indicated.

For all our products, the best time to take is indicated under "time of use". In general, nutrients are more easily absorbed in combination with other substances in the diet. Many of our products are best taken during or right after meals. Some other products, including amino acids, should not be taken with meals. Substances in the diet can affect their absorption. Furthermore, for an even absorption in the body, it is best to spread the intake over the day as much as possible. Thus, three times one capsule is generally better than once three capsules.

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