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A powerful combination of Collagen & Health

Scientists discovered collagen’s various advantages. Instead of worrying about the results, you want to see them.
Because of the unique manner our collagens are produced, we are able to preserve their bioactive structure.
Still existing in its purest, most natural form is the triple helix.

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More about Collagen Triple Helix

Undenatured collagen is a tremendously resilient and fibrous protein, and its strength comes from its triple helix structure. Each triple helix is composed of three long polypeptide chains made up of different combinations of the amino acids glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, and arginine. Approximately 1400 amino acids make up each chain, to put things in perspective.

Collagen fibers form when the chains tangle to form a tightly wound coil, giving your connective tissue its strength, stability, and flexibility. Although this may sound a bit sophisticated and scientific, all you need to know is that the triple helix gives collagen its characteristic strength and joint health qualities.


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