The Happiness Hormone

They say we are pure chemistry. Our body is organically interconnected through chemical messengers that produce well-being. These messengers are endorphins, also known as happiness hormones. In their journey they create a whole complex landscape distributed through the nervous system, the spinal cord, the limbic system, the pituitary gland (which identifies odors) and reaches the cerebral cortex.

But we well know that there is something about happiness that escapes chemistry and enters the human realm. It is a physical state, yes, but it opens the door to mental well-being. The tradition and wisdom of ancient Greece called it harmony.


Endorphins create a close link between mind and body. They link thought and emotion through a biochemical psychosomatic network. The network is made up of peptides that are the structure of the endorphin family. Through this network that runs through the body, the endorphins reach all the points of destination, that is to say, all the organs, tissues, glands. Thanks to this chemistry we express feelings of sadness, joy, anger, pleasure, courage, and other ingredients of what we also know as empowerment.

Thoughts, memories, emotions do not reside only in the mind or in the heart, but are distributed throughout our body and organism, in countless nerve endings. They run through our meridians and chakras, as both Chinese and Hindu medicine are well aware.


The hormone of happiness or amount of endorphins produced by the body creates a sense of well-being and harmony that, in its right measure, cause vital states of euphoria and optimism. It has also been shown to improve the quality of life and combat stress, irritability, anxiety, fatigue and even overcome a depressive state. Because the hormone of happiness strengthens the immune system favoring a lifestyle with plenitude.


Repressing emotions causes illnesses, both physical and psychological. Positive feelings give us security and the release of emotions increases self-esteem, confidence and are key to enjoying one’s own body and health. The best therapy is to enjoy all the senses, the beauty of life, music, scents, touch. This is how the endorphin levels of the organism are maximized to experience in each sensation authentic discharges of well-being and happiness.


The whole body and the organism constitute a perfect interconnected network that experiences incredible sensations of pleasure and even self-healing, since the immune system is charged with energy thanks to the sensation of pleasure and love. Endorphin, that curious hormone of happiness, is closely involved in the quality of orgasms and joyful sensations. The arousal of desire secretes the oxytocin hormone that participates in the explosion of orgasm.

As desire and pleasure increase, oxytocin production also increases until ecstasy is reached, accentuating the feeling of well-being, the pleasant sensation of pleasure, relaxation, balance and harmony. The endorphins produced during orgasm have analgesic properties. In women, they also act by giving security, fullness and a feeling of empowerment.

The world of pleasure experienced by women is the subject of research by ALQVIMIA’s scientific team. For more than 10 years we have been conducting studies that go beyond simple cosmetics and beauty. We delve into the complex world of sensations, the magical and intimate inner world of women, to give her the spark that ignites her personal and non-transferable joy, allowing her to experience day by day the pleasure of her body, the strength of her character and to empower herself with confidence and energy.


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