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Reis naar Peru: Over traditie, cocaïne en de toekomst van de biologische cacaoteelt

Peru, the former realm of the Incas, situated within the geographical force field of the Andes, the Pacific Ocean and vast rain forests, counts among the top cocoa farming regions. This is not due to the quantity of the cocoa bean harvest, but because of its quality. Josef Zotter, his daughter Julia and Thomas Linshalm, the company’s head of bean-to-bar production, traveled to this magical place to visit the cocoa farmers in person.

De Filosofie van Zotter Chocolade

ZOTTER Chocolate stands for variety, quality, innovation, creativity and sustainability. 100% ORGANIC + FAIR TRADE + BEAN-TO-BAR. Josef Zotter has re-invented chocolate: Hand-scooped Chocolates are basically giant bonbons. Featuring wonderful flavour combinations and distinctive, artistic sleeve designs, Hand-scooped Chocolates have become iconic.