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Nadine Artemis | Stop Using Soap On Your Face | PODCAST

Podcast - Take Your Health to the Next Level - Nadine Artemis

TAKE YOUR HEALTH TO THE NEXT LEVELCombat Cellulite, NaturallyOn today’s episode, we feature Nadine Artemis of Living Libations, a company that specializes in pure botanical health and beauty products. Their lineup includes essential oils, serums and elixirs.   THE SCIENCE & MAGIC OF ESSENTIAL OILS

I love the texture of this serum

Living Libations - Seabuckthorn Styling Serum - REVIEW

KEEPS THE FRIZZIES AT BAY, HYDRATES AND SOFTENS!Been playing around with my curls to see how they behave after being treated to my new Seabuckthorn Styling Serum … I used to rely on ridiculous amounts of chemical laden gel & mousse to create a “cast” on my curls as I thought it was the only […]

Seeing Spots – Super Heroes for Hyperpigmented Skin

Seeing Spots

I receive more questions about dotted, spotted, dappled, and muddled skin than any other health and beauty concern. Why are people seeing so many spots?

Spot Treatments | The DewDabs – Topical Skin Tonics

Spot Treatments - Organic & Natural Skincare

Living Libations DewDab Collection is a carefully crafted quartet of topical tonics for spot-on nourishment.Each distinct version of our DewDab spot serums holds the promise of unparalleled revival for the skin.

Did you know that a person is not allowed to donate blood for 48 hours after a dental cleaning.

Successful Self Dentistry | Nadine Artemis

🤔 Did you know that a person is not allowed to donate blood for 48 hours after a dental cleaning because the blood is likely to be full of bacteria?

Evolution of a Natural Beauty Line

Evolution of a Natural Beauty Line | Living Libations

Evolution of a Natural Beauty LineLiving Libations offers the world’s purest libations drawn from the earth and infused with the rich, plant-based nutrients of Mother Nature. Our organic essential oils, pure source chocolate, holistic dental care products, and natural beauty elixirs evolved from humble beginnings in a Toronto apartment. Hear the story of how Nadine […]

VIDEO | Easiest way to Prevent Cavities

Easiest way to Prevent Cavities - Nadine Artemis - Living Libations

Did you know that good nutrition is the #1 way to improve oral health? In cultures where processed foods are not consumed, cavities are virtually nonexistent. In this video, holistic dental care expert Nadine Artemis reveals 3 crucial aspects of natural dental care, including how to use natural remedies like nutrition to completely change the […]

VIDEO | Best Massage Oil for Babies

Best Massage Oil for Babies

Living Libations Infant massage is a wonderful way to connect with your baby, make her feel loved, boost circulation, promote better sleep and more. See why Nadine, Ron, and Leif love this natural essential oils blend, which is lovingly crafted with fresh infused vanilla beans dipped in coconut creme, plus jojoba and marula to glide […]

Een goede nachtrust

Sleep Soundly - Essential Oils - Living Libations

Een goede nachtrust Weet je niet waar je moet beginnen met essentiële oliën?Gebruik een diffuser (verdamper) om u te helpen goed te slapen.Het diffusen van essentiële oliën is één van de meest populaire en effectieve manieren binnen de aromatherapie.  Een goede nachtrust begint met een rustmoment vóórdat je naar bed gaat. Onderaan in dit artikel staan […]