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When I was nine years old, I travelled to Hawai’i for the first time. From the first moment on I felt deeply connected to the islands and the Aloha Spirit. Today, I teach on Hawaii’s Big Island wonderful retreats and finds the most magical hotspots to create my vibrant Aloha Essences – in attentive harmony with the wild nature at powerful and sacred sites on deserted beaches at the Pacific, on lava fields, in the rainforest, near waterfalls and on the snow-capped Mauna Kea.

Corinna: “I never planned to create vibrational essences.
One night I was given detailed instructions on the manufacturing process in an intense dream. I was showed how to transfer the essence of the flower into the mother tincture in an elaborated several-hour lasting sequence – in the middle of nature at the energetic hotspot, where the flower grows while being in a state of deep meditation and total dedication.

[ ALOHA ]: Meeting each other in life with love, mutual esteem and respect is a Hawai’ian philosophy of life. Aloha is universal and transnational. My mission is to transmit the Aloha Spirit into our modern world. The healing effect becomes perceptible through the Aloha Essences, which you can apply specifically in your everyday life.

The production of flower essences is based on a millennium years old healing tradition. Alchemists, Wise Men and Kahunas prepared these elixirs to heal imbalances in people’s bodies. In addition to the flower- and energetic hotspot-essences that I create by hand with lots of love, the Sprays for Aura & Senses contain 100% pure essential oils of certified organic cultivation or wild collection and information of high-graded crystals. All essences have their individual specific effects on personal sensitivities and can, therefore, contribute to soul empowerment each in their way.

With love,

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