How to use Laurel Skin powdered masks; Tips and Tricks!

How to use Laurel Skin powdered masks | Tips and Tricks

In this Usage video we will explore the art of powdered masks, and how to use them as effectively as possible.
This video will be so helpful for those of you doing the Brighten Challenge!


Antioxidants are quite simply not as effective without their cofactors.
What does this mean?! This goes back to our ‘whole plant’ roots. Plants don’t contain just 1 antioxidant, like ascorbic acid or astaxanthin or CoQ10 – plants contain hundreds of beneficial antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins in their whole form.

Science is only brushing the surface of the benefits of these plant-based nutrients and how they interact with our skin and bodies. However, the more that is researched and uncovered the more evidence points to cofactors being necessary for optimal vitamin/antioxidant/nutrient activity, delivery, and viability. These other plant components help to keep Vitamin C from oxidizing, and flavonoids actually help to metabolize Vitamin C post oxidation. After a Vitamin C molecule lends its electron that makes it an antioxidant, it then also becomes a free radical. This chain of events sometimes referred to as ‘pro-oxidation’ turns into a beautiful dance in the world of whole plants which all work to support each other and support our skin through this process.

Whole plant organic skincare,


I have so many tips for you on how to make your masking experience a beautiful ritual – and of course as effective as possible – that I simply couldn’t contain it in a paragraph. Please watch this video that will answer all your burning masking questions!

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