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Recovery Balm for gift blog laurel skin

Skincare is a personal and intimate gift. It can be challenging to choose such a unique gift of skincare for those that you love, so, I have put together my own gifting guide to help you!

Recovery Balm for gift blog laurel skin
Laurel Skin - Forest Bath 1

Recovery Balm

For EVERYONE : This crowd pleaser is good for all genders and ages. In the winter, it provides extra barrier protection and healing for bug bites, cuts, scrapes, and generally any skin ailment. This is great for parents to keep on-hand, and for a loved one who has ‘tried everything’ for chronic skin issues like eczema or extreme dryness.

Forest Bath **  LIMITED EDITION **

For your TREE LOVING FRIEND : This gift is for your friend who spends their weekends hiking, outdoors, or just wishes they did!  This mist attempts to capture  the forest and the land in a bottle, to experience nature even when we can’t get there physically. When we “forest bathe”, we immerse our senses in the aromatic compounds released by the trees and surround ourselves by the diverse microbiome of the forest.

Spiritual Warrior

For your MINDFUL FRIEND : This is a gift for your friend who meditates, takes Buddhism classes, or attends silent retreats. It’s for your friend who is trying to live life at the highest possible vibration. Spiritual Warrior was created to accompany people on their spiritual path, to be a companion to those who are just beginning their awakening, and for those who are seasoned yogis. We love to pair this with Forest Bath as a mindful gift for meditation or even a busy office desk.

California Body Oil

For your NATURE + TRAVEL LOVING FRIEND : This unisex scented body oil takes you through the Coastal Redwoods, down the California Coast through rose gardens, orchards, and pine groves. It includes gemstone essences to encourage complete self acceptance. Essential Oils of Vetiver, Cedarwood, Pine, and White Rose will transport you directly to our home state. This blend also includes Tamanu Oil, Raspberry, and Rosehip for healthy skin.

Laurel Skin - Full Set -Support & Unburden1
Cali body laurel skin

Lip Treatments

For EVERYONE : These stocking stuffers fly out of our Barn doors during the holiday season. Available in Lavender and Citrus Spice, and loved by all ages and genders.

Travel Sets

For your SKINCARE LOVING FRIEND : You know the friend that is always telling you how great your skin looks, but hasn’t yet tried our products? Well, this is the best way to introduce them to our line. It includes 3 travel-size products and 2 samples in a drawstring bag. Available in Normal/Dry, Oily/Combination, and Gentle. The Normal/Dry is our best selling Travel Set and is a safe bet if you are not certain the skin type of your friend.

Single Farm Hydrosol Collection ** LIMITED EDITION **

For your AROMATHERAPY LOVING FRIEND : Perfect for that friend who brings out all their holiday candles, teas, and cozy blankets as soon as the season changes. This set comes with four of our favorite hydrosols — Calendula, Lavender, California Rose, and Forest Bath. Each hydrosol captures the unique scent and soul essence of the plant. Transport yourself to old growth forests of Coastal Redwoods, fields of Lavender, an heirloom Rose garden, and a hillside of bright Calendula. Spray them on your skin prior to serums or balms, around your house as a room spray, or on your mat prior to meditation.

There you have it— my top holiday picks for you! Please do reach out if you need any more help deciding what might be right for your friends and family!

XO Laurel

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