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Serums are skin boosters that enhance and compliment your skin care moisturisers. They are typically a
light liquid blend of water-soluble ingredients and often include a small quantity of oils. An infusion of
active ingredients that are determined by the product function is added to the serum base.

Serums are most often applied before a moisturiser in a layering process. With this application, it
functions as a booster with added benefits. Serums may also serve as a light moisturiser when applied
alone for oily, combination or normal skin or when used in humid climates. ISUN offers five distinctive
serums, each with a unique function.

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Awakening Body, Mind, Spirit

Body, Mind, Spirit

Wildcrafted - ISUN Skincare

Pure Ingredients

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Cruelty free
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Hand made - ISUN Skincare

Hand made
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We are all One