ingredient spotlight + folklore : PLUMERIA

Skin Benefits

Sweetly scented, vibrant petals that speak to the soul. Plumeria is an incredibly energetic bloom.  The skin benefits from this flower truly work on an emotional level. Connecting us to the divine, light, abundant love and wisdom beyond ourselves. The Plumeria used in our brand new anointing oil was created from the process of enfleurage. The very essence of the flower was captured to be used specifically in this companion oil. Plumeria oils have been used to calm and soothe sensitive skin, improving tone and texture. This romantic flower truly creates a magical scent in our Anointing Oil.

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again.”
― Joseph Campbell

History + Folklore

The petals of this vibrant flower have been deeply desired by many cultures. Most known in Hawaiian culture, but this flower is also very important in Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indian cultures.  In past centuries, it has been used as an ingredient in love potions, as it is considered the “flower of sensuality” because of its intoxicating scent. It is also the symbol of new life, springtime, and re-creation of nature.

This divine flower is deeply special to us as it helped inspire the creation of Anointing Oil- Spiritual Warrior. Its presence alone brings incredible relaxation and a feeling of euphoria. Here are some photos from when Laurel was creating the Plumeria enfleurage!

Laurel - Flower and herb-based skincare

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