How I survive the covid-19 quarantine


What a crazy title this is!
If I was turning back time and someone would have told me that that would be the title of what I am writing in March 2020, I would have seriously considered that person crazy or at least with a very bad sense of fictional humor.
And here we are… writing these words from Greece during the whole country’s lockdown due to the covid-19 pandemic.
Schools have been closed so I am working from home while my husband’s shop has also been closed and he has moved in with me (we were working and living in different cities). Our daily lives have been completely upside down.
However…and since I chose to consider myself an optimistic person, I am really trying to find positive things in order to keep my spirit alive in all this madness. Of course I cannot forget that I have old and vulnerable parents with health problems who I cannot see for a while or that I have to walk my dog carrying a special paper that confirms who I am and where I am going just in case that the police stops me for a control.
Even now that I am writing these words is hard for me to believe what I am actually writing.
Anyways…back to the good and positive stuff.

This is a time of my life that I have the chance to wake up whenever I want without setting the alarm clock, enjoying my morning coffee without running like crazy and having all time with my beloved one to watch movies, cook together or enjoying some quality time.
I finally have the time to read books that have been on my list for quite a long time-but actually never had the time to read- at the moment I am actually reading for a second time the amazing book from Nadine Artemis “Renegade Beauty” which i can only describe as wisdom on pages.
I have also time to watch all kind of documentary films and movies, to take care of my plants, clean my home, cook all kind of foods and delicious sweets from my forgotten cook books and generally time to slow down.
However, anxiety, stress for the future and heartbreaking news from our neighboring country Italy give me a really hard time to cope and so I have developed some daily steps in order to keep my physical and mental health during this mad time.

We all know how important a healthy diet is and how important it is to consume organic fruits and veggies and keep ourselves well hydrated with water and herbal teas.
I also take a garlic capsule every time I feel that I am getting sick. Raw honey is also an excellent choice for feeling better and I use to add a spoon in my tea. However, comfort food is also important and I believe that some home baked cake or cookies and all kind of nice stuff like an apple pie or a home baked pizza keep our spirit up, so not a good time right now for food or diet worries ladies…moderation is the key word

I also follow some steps that help me staying as safe and healthy as possible. Everything starts from the hands from where we spread all kind of bacteria around.
Therefore, I always cleanse my hands very well with a good quality soap such as the Clarifying Clay Soap from Living Libations. It is a powerful botanical soap crafted with cleansing French green clay that has the ability to draw impurities like a magnet.
A good Hand Sanitizer is also a must nowadays, such as the Living Libations Illume Hand Sanitizer.

I also dry brush in order to keep my immune system strong.
Lemon essential oil is my all time favorite to combine with my dry brushing routine.
Historically, lemon oil was used to treat diseases and was very popular for its healing properties. When I get out of bath, I hydrate both face and body with Best Skin Ever Chocolate because of its comforting  smell and I practice some facial massage with my rose quartz gua sha that really relaxes me.
Every afternoon  I am also lighting my Delizioso Lavender Sorbet Candle while meditating with my healing crystals.

Stress gives me headaches and head massage has helped me much.
For headaches or migraine, scalp massage is a great choice since it balances the nervous system. Living Libations scalp oils are a beautiful choice infused with therapeutic essential oils.

Immune-Illume breathing balm is always next to my bed together with Longevity Liquid. They can be both applied to the chest or nose when needed..

For a very sweet sleep, I burn essential oils in my bedroom.
Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils to promote health. Health of the body, of the mind and of the spirit.
Humans have used aromatherapy for thousands of years and essential oils were used in many ancient cultures for both medical and religious purposes.
And this is why I love essential oils. And I need them in my life.
Because especially in difficult times they connect me more with mother nature and make me feel more relaxed and –in a way- safe.

And last but not least…
While being in quarantine I finally found time to declutter clothes that became really old (however, I never throw them away.
I am always offering old clothes to the ladies of my local animal welfare who fix them all together and create blankets and warm cozy corners for puppies and old or sick animals) and so I finally had the chance to reconsider my pyjama choices.
I know that sleepwear and homewear in general is not important for most of us because who sees them after all…however, quality sleep is so important and pillows, sheets, blankets, and sleepwear made of fine and organic materials are very important for a healthy lifestyle.
Wearing good quality sleepwear prevents skin irritations because we tend to forget that clothes can also include different types of hazardous chemicals that can be absorbed through our skin.
Wearing pyjamas made from organic breathable fibres without the use of toxic pesticides is so important for our health. So, I made my research and invested in a “made in Greece” slow fashion brand that creates beautiful, ethically made and non toxic garments.

So, I wear my pyjamas, use my essential oils, make some herbal tea and I already feel warm and cozy…and completely optimistic for a brighter future ahead…


Much Love,


P.S Take care of yourselves

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