Honey Rose Spice Mask + Honey Tapping

Our limited edition Honey Rose Spice Mask was created from a surprise gift from Mother Nature. One of our farmers had triple the amount of Roses that we needed. Triple! I wanted to turn this ‘problem’ into something that your skin would love, and that I would love creating. So, I turned those extra Roses into this beautiful limited edition holiday mask. Since then, this mask has become a holiday favorite that we love sharing every fall.

The Honey Rose Spice Mask features vibrant Heirloom Roses from the seashore of Point Reyes, California, raw single-varietal Orange Blossom Honey from Central California, and Tulsi from a beloved Sonoma garden. It combines thoughtfully farmed regional ingredients with warming spices like Vanilla, Nutmeg, and Clovethat nod to fireside chats and chai lattes. This mask was created to hydrate, exfoliate, brighten, and nourish the skin.

If you are familiar with our Honey Berry Mask, then you can use this in that same style– or you can use the following technique of ‘Honey Tapping,’ a favorite ritual of mine that strengthens our lymph system and connective tissue for firmer skin.  Read on to discover the ritual of Honey Tapping.


1) Cleanse and dry your skin to prepare. With dry skin and dry hands, apply 1 teaspoon of Honey Rose Spice Mask to your face, neck and chest. (Yes, this will be very sticky without the addition of water. The Mask might even be in what seems to be a large clump of sugar, and this is OK!) The Mask will begin to soften and melt as you play with it, and work it into the skin. Using a press and release motion will work well as you try to evenly spread the mask across your skin.

Pro tip: Place your jar with the lid securely tightened in a warm water bath. After the mask has warmed, give it a good stir.

2) Once the mask is applied evenly, begin gently tapping your skin, as if you are delicately playing the piano. Do these gentle taps everywhere from your chest, on up the sides of your neck, up to your chin, cheeks, and forehead. Tapping your neck and chest is important to encourage the downward flow of lymph, which will be stimulated by this technique. Focus on congested areas of your face, as well as areas that need extra exfoliation. Perform this ritual for several minutes of tapping.

3) After tapping, add a few drops of water to your palms and press into skin to hydrate the mask, reworking it into the skin now that it is damp. Adding water to the mask will bring all the plants to life and they will begin to work their own magic by nourishing and repairing the skin.  Keep the mask on for 10-20 more minutes, then remove with a warm cloth, revealing a beautiful glow. 

This mask has become a winter favorite of ours, and we love sharing this small-batch mask with you!

XO, Laurel

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