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BE HAPPY:Une nouvelle attitude face à la vie avec la formule de l’humeur heureuse.

Levez le rideau et donnez le ton de notre toute nouvelle formule YLUMI : les CAPSULES HAPPY MOOD sont enfin là ! Vous sentez-vous souvent déprimé et stressé ? Voulez-vous inviter plus de bonheur, de joie et de bien-être dans votre vie quotidienne ? Alors les nouvelles capsules sont exactement ce que vous recherchez. Comment nous avons utilisé les meilleurs ingrédients de la nature pour créer un bouclier protecteur contre le stress qui renforce vos nerfs et votre psychisme de l’intérieur – c’est le sujet de cet article.

ADAPTOGENS – The anti-stress remedy from Nature

Based on the harmonising effects, adaptogenic plant substances have been traditionally served as tea or mixed in food in traditional Chinese teachings or in the Indian art of healing (Ayurveda) for decades. In the western world, these herbal substances have only received increased attention in recent years and, especially in America, a real hype has arisen around adaptogenic mushrooms and herbs.


Excuse me? Yes, you read correctly: There’s High Vibration Food. Sounds a bit spiritual but as we know everything in this universe has a certain vibration. And equal vibrational frequencies attract each other. So we should all strive to keep our vibrational frequency as high as possible if we want to achieve certain goals and feel good. The right nutrition can help you with this. How to increase your positive vibration with food you will learn in this article.

Avec une nouvelle énergie jusqu’au printemps !


Hand on heart: we could all use a little more energy at the moment, couldn’t we? Everyday life with its obligations, appointments and deadlines is quite demanding at the moment. On top of that, the current situation demands a lot from us. The result: we feel drained and lacking in energy. But we want to start full of energy right now in spring. That’s why now is the time to put an end to annoying energy lows. There are some super simple tips that will keep your energy levels high and give you more energy fast. In this article we share our best go-to tips for more power in everyday life and show you how to get through spring full of energy with YLUMI.

Salut, nous sommes Ylumi!

helle we are ylumi

YLUMI comes from the English word “illuminate” – that is to illuminate, to enlighten. And that is exactly what YLUMI stands for: both the spiritual and the physical glow. YLUMI lets the facets of the individual ego – i.e. the “me” – shine from within and without and accompanies him on the path to inner balance. The Yin and Yang from Chinese philosophy play a special role in this. That is why we reflect it through our big “Y”: According to this, everything in the world has two sides, positive as well as negative. They are subject to constant change…

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