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Nettoyage à l’huile : Pourquoi cela vaut vraiment la peine d’en faire tout un plat !

Even though oil cleansing has been around for years, it’s popularity has definitely surged recently – and we can definitely see why! The act of oil cleansing simply refers to cleansing your skin using an oil or a combined blend of oils, to deep clean your skin, without stripping away the skins natural moisture and oil. For those of us that have suffered with acne, oily skin and clogged pores, it can be rather daunting as we have for far too long been conditioned to believe oil is only going to make those exact issues far worse! As a result, myths like these end up driving us away from trying our hand at oil cleansing, and straight into the hands of a foamy cleanser which can end up stripping and drying out our skin – leaving us with, you guessed it, acne, excessive amounts of oil and clogged pores. Go figure.

Comment la pollution peut réellement affecter notre peau (et ce qu’il faut faire pour y remédier !)

When we think of pollution, we often immediately think of the impact on our planet – with images of plastic filled oceans immediately filling our minds. But pollution and UV rays can impact our skin too. So, whilst we do everything we can to ensure we play our part in reducing the pollution our earth experiences (like opting for products working with our planet, not against it!) – we can also protect our skin from the impact of pollution and environmental aggressors to keep us looking and feeling our very best.

The truth behind scent in skincare

Vemel scent skincare

As much as we hate to accept it, and as much as the skincare industry tries its very best to hide it – most of the scented skincare items we have in our cupboards are not actually doing our skin any favours. In fact, fragrance has been found to be one of the most sensitising ingredients found in skincare products, and given that skin is our largest organ, and we absorb around 60% of the products we put on our skin into our bodies – it’s no wonder this topic has been circulating for so long now! And yes, even those of us with normal or healthy skin are at risk – there are no skin types that are exempt when it comes to fragrance, meaning this isn’t just for those of us with already sensitive skin.

What your Lips & Eyes are giving Away about your age

Despite growth and the ageing process being a natural and rather remarkable experience, it can leave many of us feeling conscious of the way it appears on us physically. So, the more we notice the deepening of the creases around our eyes, and the loss of moisture and volume in our lips – our confidence can too lose the vigour it once had.

Pourquoi les soins quotidiens devraient figurer sur la liste des résolutions du Nouvel An pour 2021

Vemel skincare waterless

After the year we’ve all had I’m sure we are more than ready to ring in the new year, albeit a little differently than we’re used to (anyone else planning a pj party for one?). But whilst we’d like to leave a few things in 2020, there’s a lot more to carry through to 2021 than we might think. We’ve probably leaned more about our self-care routines than ever before, dedicating a little more time and energy into ourselves (seeing as we have a lot of it).

Plus de Face-Time s’il vous plaît!

Let’s face it – there are a fair few decades that should be resigned to the bottom of the pile when it comes to fashion. Whilst I wasn’t alive to recount any fashion faux pas from the swinging sixties, the seventies and eighties ushered in a whole raft of interesting looks that frankly didn’t suit anyone! Bell-bottomed flares, tank tops and perms were certainly a staple, which swiftly made way for crop tops, neon and back combed hair as we were asked to ‘Relax’ and ‘Pump up the Volume’ through the eighties!

Ce que l’on ne nous dit pas sur les soins de la peau – du point de vue d’un adolescent

Vemel waterless skincare

Being a teenager is amazing, the world opens up to new possibilities, you start to form your own valuable opinions, you are your own person, so why do so many skincare companies still talk to us in a singular (and sometimes patronising) fashion about skincare?

Vemel – Notre Histoire

Vemel waterless organic skincare

Welcome to Vemel the home of truly natural waterless skincare, manufactured in the heart of Berkshire, England. Vemel was born as an antidote to the chemical overload that we find in our every-day lives in our quest to help our children who suffered for years with eczema related skin conditions and allergies.

We believe that by reducing the chemicals that we absorb on a daily basis we can make long terms benefits to our overall health.

Une marque de beauté sans eau vraiment naturelle – Vemel – No to H2O!

Why? Surely we should be taking every chance to add water into our lives right? Well maybe not as we know it, explains Agi Miel Co-founder of Vemel, “The beauty industry is a crazy, complex and fascinating industry. For years we have been blinded by science on what’s good for us, what will improve our complexions and what will feel great on our skin. There’s been a lot of ‘sciency’ stuff but sadly not a great deal of honesty, “ Agi explains.

Comment prévenir le “mask-ne” avec la bonne routine de soins de la peau – Vemel

Vemel waterless organic skincare

In the midst of a global pandemic it’s easy to feel a little (okay, a lot) out of your depth. And something like a few spots here and there might seem insignificant. But the truth is, taking control of your body and your health in any way possible helps us gain a little stability in this pretty unstable time we call 2020. So, along with trying to make sure we and those around us don’t catch the virus, we now have a cluster of angry red headed spots forming on the lower region of our face (the thanks we get!). The science-y side of it is quite simple. Our once oh-so free chins are now kept under wraps (literally!) causing an increase in the buildup of dirt, sweat and debris – meaning clogged pores.