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École de soins de la peau, quatrième leçon : MASQUEURS

kahina giving beauty

Pourquoi utiliser un masque facial ? Parce que ce n’est pas bien de faire peur à ses proches avec un visage de couleur différente ! Non, c’est juste un avantage secondaire. Nous considérons les masques comme une piqûre de gingembre ou un massage : un petit remontant occasionnel et concentré pour compléter votre routine. Il existe de nombreux types de masques sur le marché qui peuvent vous aider à résoudre vos problèmes de peau spécifiques : exfoliants, hydratants, clarifiants, etc. Votre routine quotidienne de soins de la peau doit être relativement simple et cohérente ; les masques sont un moyen d’ajouter de la variété sans bouleverser l’équilibre, et d’obtenir des résultats supplémentaires.

Vous vous occupez du rire cet été, nous nous occupons des rides – Kahina Giving Beauty

kahina giving beauty

Focus on Eyes

Happy August! We’re turning our focus to Eyes this month! The longer hours of daylight have us staying up late and rising early. For those late nights and too early mornings, KAHINA™ has an Eye Dream Team to keep you looking refreshed.

Our tips for easy-breezy summer skin

kahina giving beauty

Summer is here!
We are ready for spending lots of time outdoors swimming and hiking as well as just laying back and soaking up the summer sun (with SPF, of course). It’s a time when we don’t want to spend too much time fussing with our skincare. But the combination of summer’s heat and humidity (or dry heat depending on your climate), water and sunscreen call for some extra care.

Notre routine de l’hiver au printemps

Kahina giving beauty our winter to spring routine

Spring is here and it feels like life is – slowly – beginning to return to normal. Our skin is feeling particularly dry and in need of support after this long, hard winter. Here’s a KAHINA routine we’re loving right now to move into the new season and prepare skin for the brighter days ahead.

L’étalon-or en matière de soins de la peau

the gold standard in skincare kahina giving beauty

At KAHINA™ it begins with Argan Oil, also known as Morocco’s “Liquid Gold”. We carefully source our Argan Oil from high in the Anti-Atlas Mountains and closely monitor the harvesting and extraction process to ensure the highest quality oil, the protection of the argan forest, and the livelihood of the women who do the labor to collect and crack the nuts prior to cold-pressing.

Les leçons que j’ai apprises de la femme berbère du Maroc

In 2018 I was invited by Net-a-Porter to discuss “wellness” with their staff during the company’s “Wellness Week”. After giving it some thought, I decided to focus my discussion on the “Wellness Lessons I’ve learned from the Berber Women of Morocco”. These women have touched me deeply with their way of life, their strength and their creativity. I am celebrating the achievements of the Berber women of Morocco who have inspired me in creating the KAHINA™ brand.

Préparez-vous pour l’automne avec un double masque

I’m sad to say goodbye to summer. But as much as I mourn the waning days of my favorite season, summer’s heat, sun and pools have left my skin in need of a fresh start! Longer nights mean more time for restorative repair and I have the perfect twosome to jump-start my skin’s revival.