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. This latest addition to the broad ABLOOM collection is the ultimate all-rounder. In addition to its nourishing, it also offers a wide range of other benefits, moisturising and protective properties, this ingenious multitasker gives the skin an incredible glow! Even an uneven complexion becomes flawless again with the Sunkissed formula. The cream is light, transparent and does not clog pores. And just like all the other products in our collection, it is created using the unique ABLOOM slow skincare production process: carefully selected flowers, herbs, algae and plants rest for three months in a special base solution in large stainless steel vats.

Ask an Expert: MASKS

A mask is like a big “shock” treatment to the skin. It will indulge your skin in a short amount of time, with an overload of active ingredients to wake up all skin functions, making it look beautiful and radiant; like a mini salon facial at home! It is very important to give your skin time to relax, to let the mask do its job. The down time will stimulate the production of serotonin, resulting in a big rejuvenating action for your skin. Serotonin protects your skin cells against oxidation (damage) by cortisone. Cortisone is your stress hormone, and serotonin is your feel-good hormone.

Notre Vision – Abloom Slow Skincare

We treat our ingredients extremely well. Never heat them above body temperature, so they remain as powerful in the bottle as they were in nature. Extraction happens according to the raw food principle. A process that takes about 3 months to complete and enables us to catch every drop of nature’s magic.

Slow is the way to go

Abloom products are meticulously formulated using high quality, raw, whole plants, each chosen for their therapeutic effect on skin.

Our complete range is a carefully selected blend of organic ingredients, designed to infuse the skin with bioactive nutrients and nourish it in every possible way. Our highly effective skincare products stimulate cell renewal, moisturise, boost collagen production, improve elasticity, and balance sebum production.

Pourquoi Les Types De Peau N’ont Pas D’importance

abloom slow skincare

Skin types are a tricky one. Did you know that up to 40% of people misdiagnose their skin type and as a result keep trying the wrong products? There is also the mix up between skin types and skin conditions. Skin types are pretty much the description of how and why your skin looks, feels and behaves as it does. The four most common skin types are normal, dry, oily and combination skin. Skin conditions, on the other hand, can refer to temporary conditions of the body.