Immune + Illume Stimulating Scented Candle


When combined with the classic-camphorous essences in Illume, these candles burn with a bright, verdant light as a cleansing scent fills the air. Inhale the clarifying-caress of this herbaceous candle as you exhale tiredness and stress. With each breath, you will clear the way for creative vision, focus, and vigor while stimulating the mind and delighting the lungs. Light the way for reviving rosemary, elucidating eucalyptus, balancing black spruce, enduring oregano,and gladdening grapefruit.These botanicals bless rooms where one concentrates and creates.

Living Libations 100% pure beeswax candle collection harnesses the buzzing, beautifying beauty of the worker bee, who flies 150,000 miles just to secrete a single pound of candle wax! When combined with our pure, organic essential oils, these candles burn with a bright, healing light as sacred scent fills the air uplifting spirits, easing tension and adding luminosity to the altar of our existence anywhere these candles are lit.


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