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The DewDabs – Topical Skin Tonics

Living Libations DewDab Collection is a carefully crafted quartet of topical tonics for spot-on nourishment.
Each distinct version of our DewDab spot serums holds the promise of unparalleled revival for the skin.

Choose from DewDab classic for rejuvenation, Zippity DewDab for clarification, BeDew Dab to soothe and cool, or JewelDab to strengthen and fortify.

Each of these elixirs is crafted with pure, organic, and wild-crafted essential oils chosen for their amazing abilities to relieve, rejuvenate, revitalize and restore.

Evens Skin Tone

Use replenishing and regenerative DewDab to reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars, bumps, and melasma on your skin.

Dab directly on areas needing TLC or blend with our Sandalwood Serum Supreme, Sandalwood Best Skin Ever, Rose Renewal, or All Seeing Eye Crème.

Clears Complexion

Use Zippity DewDab to spot-cleanse skin with acne, overnight blemishes, and stubborn zits that just won’t quit!

Zippity DewDab is clarifying for congested skin. Dab directly to cleanse acne or blend with our Soothsayer, Ensorcell Serum, Grapefruit Stellar Renewal, Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever, or Sundew Crème.

Calms and Cools Skin

Use calming and cooling BeDew Dab to relax the appearance of red and puffy skin. BeDew Dab is refreshing and balancing.

Dab drops neat on skin or combine with the Open Sky Eye Serum, Maverick Crème, or Frankincense Best Skin Ever.

Moisturizes, Fortifies, and Firms

Use JewelDab to improve the appearance of elasticity, strengthen the skin, lock in moisture, give life to listless complexions, soothe sagging surfaces, and reduce the signs of redness and melasma.

Dab drops directly or blend with organic jojoba oil to create a succulent serum, or combine with Royal Rose, Rose Glow Serums, Rose Best Skin Ever, or RoseGlow Crème.


BeDew Dab






Jewel Dab


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Zippity DewDab


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