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Safran oder “das rote Gold”: Fünf Gründe, warum das teuerste Gewürz der Welt gut für Ihre Haut ist


Did you know that the act of producing red gold or safron is an extremely laborious one? the workers painstakingly seperate each delicate stigma or the thread-like structures that pollinate, from the flowers, lay it out carefully in a sieve, and threat it further with heat for the beautiful red color to deepen.

Verjüngung der Hautzellen auf natürliche Weise – ist das wirklich möglich?


If you are particular about what you allow into your skin and how you take care of it, then it is possible that by this time, you are exhausted from reading and listening about products that ‘rejuvenate’ your skin (cells). But is that really possible and can there be natural means to regenerate skin cells and scrub off dead ones?

8 Yoga-Tipps für Faulpelze

shankara yoga tips

When lethargy sets in, it feels like an insurmountable task to get to the Yoga Mat, though the intention is always there. It happens to the best of us and sometimes this lethargy lasts for a few days and months. The ‘Promise of the Yoga Mat’ is pushed to the next week, and then the following week. But what if we told you, there may be something more enticing in Yoga for you to get on the Yoga mat?

7 Ways Ayurveda Can Keep You Warm This Winter

7 Ways Ayurveda Can Keep You Warm This Winter

It is that time of the year when no amount of coffee and blankets seem to suffice. Probably you know what we are talking about!. Sub zero temperatures, snow laden roads, antibiotics and endless layers…yet, infections, cold and occasional fever sneak into our bodies during these winters, as our immunity stands compromised under the harsh, […]

6 Simple DIY Face Masks You Can Make In Under 6 Minutes For The Perfect Winter Skin

6 Simple DIY Face Masks You Can Make In Under 6 Minutes For The Perfect Winter Skin

Come fall and the skin starts a dramatic journey spiraling towards dryness until it emerges unscathed in the sanctuary of moisturizers, toners and humectants. Though there are genuine herbal au natural alternatives available to fight the toxic chemicals present in large scale commercially manufactured cosmetic products, we waste no time here to give you 6 […]