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Unsere Bakterien: Kosmetikerinnen für strahlende Haut

Our skin, this moist envelope of our soul, is a living, breathing, and regenerating tissue.  This miraculous medium is the real estate coveted by every cosmetic that aims to penetrate pores, solve insecurities, and systematize skin types. And yet, glowing, radiant skin evades so many.

Skin Type Hype – Living Libations

A modern day skin care regime can feel like a confession of the skin’s transgression: hormonal skin around the chin, an oily t-zone, sensitive, or acne prone skin. Skin-type hype promises that every pore can be restored to the mecca of normal by careful compliance with a many stepped program.

Optimale Mundhygiene für die Quarantäne (und darüber hinaus)

If visions of viral invaders are spinning in your mind or you are simply concerned about missing your dental-cleaning appointment in the COVID isolation era, then this is a great time to re-start a new routine for your oral care hygiene.

Was ist Living Libations?

Beyond the limits of linear business thinking, Libation’s beauty is the deep action and integrity of Nature. Each Libation is an invitation to wonder and wander from finite beauty to an open field of grace. It is about being the connoisseur of your life, living as deliberately as nature and nourishing the discernment of the senses.
The bounty of nature’s beauty endlessly illuminates our entire insides, and the nectar of plants is an ever-offering gift that magnifies Beauty. Libations plays with the possible ways nature may be inhaled, stirred, soothed, and imbued.

Deciphering Cosmetic Codes: Ingredients Your Skin Can Live Without

Water (tap) Cosmetics seem to be created backwards and upside down! Liquid and creamy products contain mostly water or water-based infusions, called distillates or aqueous extracts, used to fill up bottles inexpensively. Because aqueous solutions are vulnerable to spoilage, preservatives (like paraben, sodium benzoate and Leucidal Liquid) must be added to the product. I love water! Pure […]

Get Your Lube On and Avoid Cellular-Raisins

Advanced medical technology allows doctors to effortlessly explore the intricate workings of the body with tools such as 3-D body images, brain function scans, and genomic testing. Even so, the yoni remains shrouded with little medical study. This information-limitation fortifies the blushful whispers and silences that envelop the mystery and the mission of Yoniland. The anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry of female sexual responsiveness and mind-yoni connectedness still confound medical doctors, psychologists, and researchers… as well as many of our partners.

Breast Health Bombshell: What Every Woman Should Know

Breast Health Bombshell | What Every Woman Should Know | Nadine Artemis

Here’s what you might not know about women’s health exams and, based on the most recent insights, here are a few suggestions to keep in mind for your health…

Nadine Artemis | Stop Using Soap On Your Face | PODCAST

Podcast - Take Your Health to the Next Level - Nadine Artemis

COMBAT CELLULITE, NATURALLYOn today’s episode, we feature Nadine Artemis of Living Libations, a company that specializes in pure botanical health and beauty products. Their lineup includes essential oils, serums and elixirs.

I love the texture of this serum

Living Libations - Seabuckthorn Styling Serum - REVIEW

KEEPS THE FRIZZIES AT BAY, HYDRATES AND SOFTENS!Been playing around with my curls to see how they behave after being treated to my new Seabuckthorn Styling Serum … I used to rely on ridiculous amounts of chemical laden gel & mousse to create a “cast” on my curls as I thought it was the only […]