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Fight Inflammaging with Antü

Summer is officially here and so is our anticipated third launch in our Antü series! Meet Brightening Eye Cream and Refreshing Gel Cleanser designed to soothe and illuminate skin on contact—especially on hot summer days. Designed to round out your clinically effective regimen for soothing irritation and bouncing back from the effects of sun, our novel, proprietary M3™ antioxidant blend goes to work to repair, defend, and recover from inflammaging.

Die Bedeutung der mikrobiom-orientierten Hautpflege

As the topic of nurturing a healthy skin barrier becomes more and more mainstream, Codex Beauty Labs believes in leading the charge with research, efficacy, and results—delivering multi-tasking microbiome-focused skincare.

Invested, smart consumers (that’s YOU) are thrilled about the necessary changes happening in the beauty landscape, and we couldn’t be more excited! We’re thrilled there’s a growing demand for planet-friendly, microbiome-focused skincare taking place now more than ever.

Eine Hautpflegeroutine für Männer, die wirklich funktioniert

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Men’s skincare routines often prioritize efficiency over pampering. At Codex Beauty, we’d like to change that. Giving your face a good, thorough cleansing and moisturizing can (and should!) feel good, too. In honor of Father’s Day, we designed a super relaxing yet ultra-effective facial treatment to clear out pores, soften tough patches, and give skin a healthy, rested glow—which is something that hardworking dads deserve every day. Cheers to you, guys.

What is Biotech Beauty?

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This new wave in beauty doesn’t play by the rules—it invents them.

Beauty is all about the “buzz.” The latest techniques, the latest products, the latest gadgets to deliver the skin of your dreams—the list goes on and on. Hyped or not, what’s always at the forefront of all that beauty innovation is science.

Was ist ‘MASKNE’ ?

In an effort to keep ourselves and loved ones safe, we must wear masks.  Unfortunately, safety comes at a cost when it comes to the skin on our face. Long-term mask wearing results in your face being exposed to both sweat and trapped moist air caused by breathing both of which lead to bacterial buildup on the skin, together with the constant friction that is applied on those areas of the face that are in contact with the mask. Over prolonged periods of time, the encapsulation of moisture and bacteria on the surface of the skin by the mask, coupled with its constant rubbing of the skin’s surface, creates the perfect storm for facial skin problems

Unterstützung für Ihr Hautmikrobiom

The skin microbiome, aka the skin flora, refers to the collection of trillions of microorganisms that live on our skin. These microorganisms are comprised of about 1,000 species of bacteria and up to 80 species of fungi. Because many of these same microorganisms also reside in a person’s gut, researchers believe that the gut and skin microbiomes are biologically linked.